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81-yr-old Nigerian rewarded for rejecting multinal-national’s $6 million bribe



THE first Nigerian Managing Director of Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company, Olufemi Lalude, has been honoured by the Akinjide Adeosun Foundation for giving positive image to the country after rejecting $6 million bribe many years ago.

  The AA Foundation conferred on Lalude its 2020 Leadership Award during its 5th annual colloquium to commemorate the honesty of a man in a time when such character is rare to come by.

  Lalude 81-year-old man came to AAF’s spotlight with his record of rejecting $6 million bribe that an organisation offered him, a rare honesty to be currently.

  According to source, the non governmental organisation having viewed the esteemed conduct and impeccable character cof Lalude, picked him for integrity rewards and handed him the award on Wednesday.

  The foundation said the recognition of Lalude was in line with its core mandate, adding that the Lalude is a man of integrity.

  The 81-year-old man was also praised by the foundation for refusing to be cowed when the organisation that offered him the bribe moved against him.

  “Today, Papa at 81 is living a peaceful, joyous and fulfilled contented life. We are celebrating him today. He began his career with integrity as his legacy in mind.” The AAF statement reads.

  The Foundation further emphasised that there are many good people in Nigeria that need to be celebrated so as to change the perception that all Nigerians are bad.

  It will be recalled that a certain woman from Enugu State, Josephine Nchetaka Chukujama Eze, has really shown the true meaning of honesty as she returned almost N14 million that was mistakenly paid into her account.

  Her husband, a journalist, and lawyer, Chukujama Eze  while celebrating her birthday, praised her for her virtues.

  In a letter he addressed to the media, he said that he decided to celebrate her not because it is her birthday, but because she did a thing that made him very proud of her.

  The husband said that the event happened on Monday, August 3, when Josephine was in a salon and her phone rang with alerts.

  The mother-of-three did not check her phone until later. She had to call her husband immediately after she saw the N13,946,400.

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