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Schools’ resumption: Safety now on the court of children



PARENTS have gradually become teachers, ensuring that even from the home front, their ward would not lose the battle in any of the frontlines.

  Some children are already forgetting what school feels like as Nigeria’s coronavirus cases continue to keep them at home but when they must proof their mettle as they get back to school.

  It is now over four months since the government ordered the shutdown of schools to control the spread of the coronavirus.

 Academic sessions have been disrupted for students at primary, secondary, and university levels. The government and administrators expected the shutdown to be brief, enough to contain the spread of the virus and return to normal life, but that took a different turn.

  Nigeria’s pandemic control measures do not seem too coordinated.

  Although the country went under lockdown for over four weeks, it was largely ineffective as health authorities were unable to ramp up testing. Nigeria’s already poor population was unable to fully obey the lockdown rules as it temporarily ruined their sources of livelihood.

  Now, with schools about to restart, it seems the challenges are being summounted gradually.

It is time to move on again

  Though palliatives and relief funding were both inadequate and unevenly disbursed against the expectations of many, it is time for guardians and pupils to put their acts together.

  The CBN’s COVID-19 relief fund for families and small businesses may not have provided funding to many, yet, as schools set to reopen, both pupils and guardians should live their biddings.

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