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Good or bad



Our notion of what is good or bad
Is sometimes flawed
I think all of us have memories
Of apparently bad events,
About which we were frustrated
The moment they happened,
But about which we are now
Very happy that they happened
Because with hindsight,
We can see the huge benefits they brought in our life

There may be also events
That have appeared initially as very good,
But afterwards it turned out that
There were no blessings in those events

Now there are events that seem so extremely bad
That our human mind cannot possible conceive
That they may be anything else than bad
For example a tsunami
Costing hundreds of thousands of lives
No one likes a tsunami
No one can see a good thing in it
Perhaps three hundred years from now
People may understand why it had to happen,
But for now we see it all as a huge mishap

Scientists who have a certain arrogance,
See this as a proof that a good and almighty God
Cannot exist
Before agreeing with their arrogance
Let us take a moment to be a bit humble
Accept we do not understand everything
And imagine what it would be
Like to live in a perfect world

Somehow I am grateful to our God
That the world is not perfect
In the way we perceive perfection.

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