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Labour leader lauds Anambra Govt’s relationship with workers



CHAIRMAN of Nigerian Civil Service Union, Anambra State Branch, Paul Uwaeze has stressed the import of a harmony- oriented civil service, government- labor relationship.

  The labour leader, said this in his office at the Jerome Udoji Secretariat complex, Awka.

Comrade Uwaeze, who was recently elected chairman of the union pointed out reasons there should be harmony between the government and the workforce of the state. 

  According to him, the civil servants are by the convention  required to abide by the rules that govern the service for which they have been appointed and thus, should not see the government as an entity that must be forced  into doing their biddings.

  He opined that the government is to be pleaded with, not to be attacked as it (government)is the employer, while the civil servants are the employees. He argued that continuous engagement with the government was the ideal way of handling issues affecting the employees of the government.

  On what  the Nigerian Civil Service Union (NCSU) can offer the civil servants,  Comrade Uwaeze informed that :“ The Nigerian Civil Service Union is a labour arm with a difference in the  sense that here, everyone is a member ; the senior staff members, as well as the junior staff  members. There is  no discrimination whatsoever . Everybody, not withstanding his grade level can join the union and have a voice”.

  He said that it had been in the plans of NCSU Executive Council to launch some series of programmes that will enlighten and ameliorate the workers of Anambra State like pro computer literate programmes in form of workshop and other seminars geared toward exposing the entire state workforce to the ideals of modern service delivery.

 Comrade Uwaeze however, decried the present dearth of logistics to organise the seminars and workshop that were ab -initio, integral part of the civil service.

He lamented that the inability to organise the seminars given lack of access to fund approval has robbed off on the service, especially considering the recent intakes’ lack or orientation; and thus, affects conduct and perception of civil service on the side of the new employees of the state.

  Comrade Uwaeze stated that there is presently labour unity in Anambra State and advised civil servants to learn to play their parts in building Anambra State by playing their own roles well, maintaining that continuous dialogue remained the best way by which the workers could engage the government in making their dreams and yearnings come true.

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