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The Silence



I am the sound of children crying.
I am what makes you tremble
And shiver in your bed late at night
I am the blackness you see
When you close your eyes
I am the wolf hunting you
Down in a dark forest
I am the majestic yet treacherous
Mountains high up with the cloudsI am the rose you want to pluck
But can’t because my thorns are sharp like knives
I am the moonlight that shines at night
I am the nightmares you run from
I am the blizzard that will wipe you out
I am the waves pulling you under
I am the North Star shining bright
In the dark blue sky above
I am as sweet as sugar with the ones I love
I am bitter like a million lemons
With the ones who have hurt me or my loved ones
I am the silence growing louder in your ears
I am me,I am who I am meant to be,
I am who I want to be I am me.

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