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The faceless tormentor



AT FIRST, it was a story to some people
Then it became reality to all people,
One by one, bit by bit, people to people,
It spread round to the east, west, south, and north
It planted fear in innocent souls, what an ‘Angst’!!!
One by one, bit by bit, people to people, the world is humbled, little by little.

Days filled with the torturing presence of death,
Weeks filled with the overflowing tears of men,
Months filled with counting numbers of the dead,
The earth filled with helpless and hopeless souls,
Mourning voices of men fill every nation,
Different voices from different angles of the earth.

The presence of the faceless tormentor on the earth,
Tortures every living soul of the earth,
The fresh bodies, the grey haired,
It knows no one, it pities no one, and it spares no one,

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