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A tale of two doctors



The deadly virus
devastates nations
Sailors on board ships
are not allowed to land
Prime Ministers and Princes
are not spared

Yet the world fights back
Cancels flights
rail and road transport
Curfew and closures
Social distancing
the need of the hour
Covid-19 Pandemic Poems, Volume I

2 In the frontline
is the medical staff
Selfless service its hallmark
A doctor who fought the virus
for weeks on end
succumbed to it
His remains were taken
for burial
The local population
protested : “Not here!”
The law had to intervene
This happened in India

In Florida.
a doctor of Indian origin
worked day and night
helping Covid-19 patients
He too succumbed to the virus.
And how did the population react?
Every car that passed his home
slowed down, sounded its horn
as a mark of respect
There was a relative
in front of the doctor’s house
to acknowledge the tribute

“A prophet is not without honour
save in his own country”

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