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Life in post-COVID-19; many questions to ponder



Impacts on the Gig economy

Do you think about the gig workers and what this might mean to the future of the gig economy?

Will people drop the flexibility they once craved for more traditional employment that has PTO, sick time, health insurance and other benefits?

Do you think that when half of the workforce embraced the gig economy for flexibility and the thrill of ever-evolving work experiences that they thought about what a pandemic means for them or not being able to file for unemployment?

Will we think about localizing and diversifying more of our supply chain to protect against the risk of a future pandemic?

Will companies retreat to adding costs to their supply chains by adding inventory to protect against risk, or will we learn to open our inventory to share with other companies?

Impacts on the government and economy

In the future, who will you trust to lead you?

Have you gained or lost trust in the government or the media; and did it change once the pandemic got closer to home?

Do you ever think that people were maybe overreacting, or did you hold firm in your urge to protect every human life, the economy be damned?

Do you ever wonder about all the self-employed small businesses and get stressed trying to think of a way they can survive?

Once the government started talking about “the cure being worse than the virus,” did you capitulate, if even for a minute?

Do the market fluctuations worry you or did you take a deep breath and feel confident it will bounce back quickly or do you worry we are heading into a recession?

There are no right answers to these questions, I am just stating the variety of emotions and thoughts that race through my mind right now; albeit many have been pushed down in my personal psyche out of guilt.

So, What Happens Next?

think a lot about what this means to our families and friendships.

Are you someone that hoards supplies, or are you shopping for aging neighbors and sharing your supplies…even if there is a risk that you might run out?

Do you allow your employees time to homeschool, or did you make them take vacation/PTO?

Are you pivoting or spinning in place? Did you or are you self-quarantining?

Are you allowing your kids to hang out with friends?

Are you leading by example? Let’s digest these ideas and begin to discuss the future that lies ahead post-COVID.

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