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Nigerian employs son as security in his company



… Says, he wants to teach him

A NIGERIAN father and CEO, Fionet Security Services, Felix Obazee has set an example of quality parenting, employing his son Uyiogosa, to work in his firm as security officer.

  Obazee, who own his own security company said that the youth has to be well formed by modeling them to appreciate hardwork and engage in it.

According to him,  Nigerian parents and others , has to set priorities right and help their wards grow to proficiency level.

Disclosing this through a twitter message, Obazee showed off his son dressed in security uniform, smarting up for duties with his father standing beside him.

Many people have applauded the senior Obazee for good parenting skill as some dropped their thoughts on teaching their wards.

Contained in Obazee’s posts are rhetorical questions, asking people if they would choose to teach their children their business or shield them with the flimsy talk that they do not want them to suffer.

Appreciating God[s work in his life, the proud Nigerian father thanked God for the grace He has given to him to bring up responsible children, people that would become leaders of their generation.

He admitted receiving receiving  numerous reactions on his platform, as many commended his parenting style and how his story inspired them.

According to reactions, Nigerians highly commen Obazee as a good motivator and teacher.

Some of the posts in reaction to Obazee’s action, a tweetwe user identified as Bala posted; “Felix, you are my most envied parent today and will be for a long time. But credit must also go to Uyi (who deserves and lives his name ‘Praise’) for submitting to your guidance. It is not easy these days to convince adult elite children to discipline methods like these….”

For Kelechi Uchenna, “in my opinion, I would introduce my children to my business and let them know that they are welcome to join the business if they are interested;  they can be executive directors or non executive directors (owners) depending on their choice…”

Continuing, “my daughter is 10-years, she helps me document my consultancy income at home. She helps input data and collate client database. On this very Satuday, we both went out inside the estate to do some online submissions plans sorting.” Abraham Ojo said, “I hope you paid the young man.”

Meanwhile, it had been earlier reported that a Nigerian banker, Ayomide Babalola, a.k.a, Mr Flow, helped Idris to attain his height in music career after working as a security man for years.

He added that the first thing that drew him to the man was the way he appeared smart and his signature military-like salute.

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