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Ihembosi PG describes new yam celebration as thanksgiving



CELEBRATION of new yam annually by Ihembosi People in Ekwusigo Local Government Area has been described as huge thanksgiving to God on their chief farm product- yam.

  The new president general, Ihembosi Progress Assembly (I P A) Prof. C.C Ihueze, described annual new yam celebration of ndi Ihembosi as a period of get together of their sons and also a day to display their rich culture and tradition with Umuohi – Ihembosi performing all the rites that awaken the new yam eating.

  Past PG of I.P.A, High chief Ebuka Onuukwo, who is the Eze Igbo in Republic of Benin, conducted the yam competition for farmers and expressed satisfaction at the huge new yams uprooted during the competition which an illustrious son of Ihembosi, Chief ifeanyi Onyeka, under Akunaedoziobi Farmers Competition donated funds for first, second and third winners.

  Chief Ezemetus Mbonu, former PG of  I.P.A and member of the royal cabinet, with Chief Ephraim Chukwudebelu were in traditional regalia and appreciated dancers.

 Comrade Ntomchukwu Brenda Chukwuma added glamour to the day with visible appreciation of cultural dancers.

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