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Conquering COVID-19 fears



I turn on my laptop, publish and flourish I see
I turn off my laptop, publish or perish, I am free
KPIs increased, COVID-19 ghosts, did you decree
Fear of being left behind I shall not flee
Yup, resilience is my play, hear me thee

The teacher teaches
Above all she manages
Online forms, meeting schedules, assignments,
attendance records and webinars in doses
Writes, researches, publishes in patches
My mind sometimes in tatters
Yup, resilience is all that matters

All dressed up, nowhere to go
Ah, my beloved clients are here, I know
Let’s learn with Dr N, you glow
And who said the Internet was slow?
Yup, resilience is the path to flow

It’s 8 o’clock, where are you?
I am waiting on Google Meet, all night through
Thinking how the lesson would glue

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