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She is a beauty with no duty
But to wail and smile,
With her smile, she strikes a chord
But her tears rip the strings
My heart she played; As though she be its Lord
Yet, her smile wasn’t mine-only
If you cooed right, you dance in its harmony
She was a baby,
She trusted.

Yes, her feet were little
Yet, the world, she toured
On the wings of her mind, she soared
She was you and there
She could be anyone and anywhere
Her dreams, not trapped by the night
Nothing could douse her light
She was a child.
She believed.

Then the changes began
She looked in the mirror and saw flaws
Then wished she was as tall as Susan
And didn’t have a jutting jaw
Thinking then, she would be noticed
No one sees her, indeed
But how could they?
When she couldn’t see the beauty
Even when she stared right back at her…

She thought she was growing
But she was only ageing
Her ordeals were dissonance
Stealing the melody her smile once gave
Each betrayal, failure…was sharp
Leaving a mark on her heart, nipping her wings
Yes, she learnt how cruel the world is
But she grows, only when she realises
That her will is hers and in her mind, it lies
The right thought that could make her be.

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