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Obiano’s feats, APGA’s philosophy attracted me to party – Nwamkpo



Akachukwu Nwamkpo, a technocrat and former PDP chieftain recently joined APGA. CHUKA NNABUIFE ran into him during a recent event in his native local council and engaged him on the development. He dwelt on what lured him to APGA and the exceptional works of Willie Obiano and his wife, Ebelechukwu. Excerpts:

AKACHUKWU Nwamkpo, I hope the name is stated correctly?

Yes, you did.

Akachukwu Nwamkpo is known as a technocrat but it looks like something is on board, what is it all about?

  I’m a technocrat that got serving a a man of unbelievable political strength, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, former President of Nigeria.  When I started serving him, he invited me to be by his side, I told him that I’m not a politician. He said “no, I’m going to teach you politics”.  So from being a technocrat,I went into politics to defend our interest in advance.

Akachukwu Nwamkpo is known as a member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), now you are wearing the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA) uniform. What is it all about?

  Well, the PDP that I served was during  Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I served a president who was also the presidential candidate  of  APGA fielded. You would have  noticed that all through his period as President, he served as APGA President. So, APGA never ran a president against Goodluck Jonathan. APGA always supported him. He was an APGA man. So, people should not confuse my serving an APGA president in PDP as a separate relationship. I wore the PDP toga because it was the dominant party that the president I  was serving wore but in partnership  with APGA which was  a very unique partnership. So, when I got home from the service and I found out that APGA has been doing an exceptional job with regards to focusing on existential issues for Igbo people and also advancing Anambra State’s interest in a very coordinated manner. So, I felt that this is an organisation that has always partnered with us, so it’s just an extension of that experience.

What have you brought on board now you are fully in APGA?

 Wow! I think that the first thing  I have done is to understand what APGA means – the visions that Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu presented and that vision is to understand that every group of individuals, ethnic group must have internal cohesion so that they can co-exist in any space, political space. APGA then created a platform for us to be Igbo while being Nigerians. They advanced the philosophy that every ethnic group must internally organise themselves and go to the constitutional federation to defend their existential issues, organised at home and formed in partnership with others. Then, this particular governor, Dr Willie Obiano understands this so well and he took very fundamental steps that impressed me. First, he took care of the security of our communities; he paid attention to security issues. He reduced the conflicts in communities and promoted harmony. He made sure that access to communities are lighted up so that miscreants will not have a place to hide and worked with all the communities to create community policing, vigilante bodies that are not inimical to the progress of the community. Then to the next step, stabilising the bureaucracy, he made sure that the public service of Anambra State has satisfied workers. They nicknamed him the ‘Alert Governor’ not because he flies money in the wind but he pays them when they have done their job and when their pay is due. So, with Willie Obiano, you have a stable bureaucracy, a community that is in harmony and then, he said Anambra people travel a lot. We are huge international travelers so he created an international airport and international conference centre where our friends all over the world can come and talk with us about development. These things are so inspiring and when you look at what the wife is doing, paying attention to family, there is nothing more important to the Igbo than family and the wife pays attention to it. So, if you understand the cardinal pillars, what you will need is someone who can put it together and challenge every individual to come together and build on this platform. For me, it’s attractive and exciting; I couldn’t find anything better, so I went for it.

Is there any ambition or aspiration to buttress this understanding?

 Of course, you know if the work that Willie has done would be sustained, he needs people who understand it and will put themselves before God makes kings. You must have the humility to put yourself before God so that you are called and be useful. I quite have an experience that I can bring to the game.

Her Excellency, Dr. Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano is here today in your local government area, Ihiala, what do you have to say about it?

  I have been here since 6am. I came out here because I think Her Excellency is a woman that we need to understand. A lot of people don’t see the passion in her both in her love for her husband. She defends her husband. In fact, she is an exemplary wife any man would pray to have. Then, she loves the people that are the weakest, widows, people who are stranded. The most amazing thing she has done is to go around the world looking for Anambra people who are stranded on the streets of London and America, picks them up and takes care of them. She builds homes for widows and talks about family because she’s a great family woman. So, for me, I came here because I want ndi Anambra to understand that. I call her Osodieme, the beautiful heart and we try to interpret it and build it up nicely so people can see it; providing housing for the widows and hosting Anambrarians both at home and abroad and if you are with deformity that people want to make fun of you, she tackles it. The work she has done is worthy of emulation.

In your own way, how do you tell her welcome?

‘Osodieme, the beautiful heart’, that’s what I call her.  You are an exemplary lady and  Ihiala Local Government loves you. My message to her is: May the Lord always be with you. Don’t mind. Keep working for we are behind you.

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