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ABS poised to project broadcasting in Igbo language – Unachukwu



ANAMBRA Broadcasting Service (ABS) is setting the pace in broadcasting, as it poises to project every programme in the Igbo language. This is to ensure  that the community is carried along and to further correct  ills in the society.

During a media parley on community projects organised recently by the Justice Development of Peace and Caritás (JDPC), Nnewi, Ify Unachukwu, a Journalist with the ABS said that the station had observed that the assessment needs of the people in communication through the main stream media both on TV and  Radio and discovered that they earnestly yearn for the Igbo Language.

 In her words, “ABS now presents all programmes in Igbo language. We want to use the media to project and highlight our best practices, which could be from our community. What is peculiar to us will be treated as it is to us and not conforming to that of the western world.

  “We take a look at our problems and how do we fight them? I think the Igbo language is one of the tools that we need to employ in resolving the deluge of problems in our society today. For instance, ABS is at the forefront of campaign against rape and domestic violence. All our programmes now reflect that.

“The Managing Director of ABS, Uche Nworah, said every programme must reflect rape and violence in homes and that is what we are doing. In fact campaign against gender disparity has language face and that when you go out now to talk to people on the streets, communicating in Igbo language they will understand.”

“At the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, jingles on radio programmes were done in both Igbo and English language to make the people understand the concept of rape and how to get the culprits to book.”

She maintained that ABS runs jingles on enlightenment on Ntasi centre which forms linkages to the centre and the TV station and also contributed to the large number of reported cases on the centre.

  The Ntasi centre for sexually assaulted victim is situated at Enugwu – Ukwu. The state government established it in collaboratio2wn with the Ruler of Law and Accountability (ROLAC), a project of the British Council.

 The centre intervened in the lives of over 100 rape victims and many of them been gotten justice. At the centre, victims assess pro- bono lawyers, psychologists and doctors at low costs. So we will not rest on our oars, we will keep ensuring that we serve the community better in all of our programmes”.

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