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Mourinho, Lampard to clash on London Derby



FANS are thrilled as they patiently wait for the clash of the weekend as a teacher and student will slug it out this weekend. Lampartd who was instrumental in Mourinho’s era in Chelsea during the league winning days of mourinho will try to stop his former boss from sitting on top of the table.

  Of course the last time they faced off, drama ensued as Mourinho and Lampard exchanged words at the touchline. Tottenham won Chelsea on a penalty shoot out in the Carabao Cup.

  Already Tottenham sits first in the table. There was something a little bit wrong about seeing Mourinho and his former midfield maestro going at it on the sidelines, but that’s football and that’s the ferocity of a London derby between Tottenham and Chelsea.

  It was very amusing, but what was said? Mourinho told reporters what happened following Tottenham’s 5-4 win on penalty kicks to send them to the quarterfinals of the League Cup.

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