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In The President Is Dead, Offor thrills



THE President is Dead is one of the latest novels in the colourful Nigerian creative space. It is Kyrian Chiemela Offor’s debut novel and the first of the Alan Taylor and Jennifer Raymond series. The President is Dead is unlike many tales churned out by Nigerian authors.

It is ambitious in plot and vision crackling with life and passion that can only be termed exceptional. It has all the trademarks of Hollywood blockbuster movies and a tapestry of suspense thrillers for which the American authors are known.

Unlike Hollywood action film, the setting and characterisation is entirely Nigerian and gives you the kick to want to delve into this world of mystery, murder, intrigue, passion and mayhem.

  The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria echoes in no small measure a picture of past, present and possibly future political characters who have sat or will sit on the highest seat of the land. He is an insensitive, power drunk man who will stop at nothing including colossal embezzlement of state funds and murder to retain his position for a second tenure as the Chief Executive of the federation.

  President Kabiru Abdulahi, a corrupt, arrogant and aristocratic profligate knows that his dream of retaining his seat and perhaps live a worry-free life depends largely on silencing the Anti Government Intelligence Unit or AIU who has vowed to pay with their blood to see the president dead and corruption crushed in their beloved nation.

Attempt at bribing the AIU has been made public and hugely criticized and shattering his false confidence. All attempts to locate the AIU have proven futile with a trail of blood and corpses of the government intelligence officers in the DSS and presidential brigade.

  Alan Tayo and Jennifer Raymond are the AIU murder machineries whose hatred for the president and his cronies is as bitter as bile have committed themselves to bringing down the corrupt politicians raping the country. Typical of assassins, they carry out their missions with a combination of physical skill, intelligence gathering and precision that leaves rivers of blood and catastrophe in its wake; they are the president’s waterloo.

  When the president in a moment of political incubus challenges the AIU, things get messy at the state house. The beauty of the plot thickens with a twist and turn of events that terrifies even the bravest of the men. This face to face encounter explodes in gunfire, as emotions and zeal run their different chords in the epic battle that sends chill down the spine.

  For a debut, Kyrian shows a nuance and subtle observation of human behaviour when loyalty is divided and romance interfere with duty. The complex relationship between individual sentiment and public service is well woven and delicately threated into this story with the finesse of a veteran storyteller.

The twists and turn in the novel, The President is Dead will leave you hungry for more. Offor taps into the cauldron of human fear that neither life nor love is absolutely predictable. The suspense at the end of this breathtaking tale will haunt you and grab you by the guts to ask for a sequel.

  Every page has well-crafted plot lines that surprises your thinking and lets your imagination down as the story moves in a different channel and opens up new vistas of pleasure and suspense. The plot is well thought and bears with the temper of the times.

The characters of Tayo, Raymond and Zainab are easily lovable, whether they find themselves in that inner conflict that people are faced with in moments of history or in the pulsating romantic entanglement, you will find yourself praying for their happiness as though your sanity depends on their success.

  The novel is a page turner. The prose is pulsating and the language a lyrical flow that draws you into this imaginary pleasurable mix of bloodshed, divided loyalty, palpable fear and uncertainties of love and intrigues. The President is Dead gives a fresh breath of invention that fiction writers in Nigeria may direct their minds. The pace is swift, action-oriented, a sharp characterisation that compels you to want to relive the experience in real time if only from a safe distance.

  The President is Dead is available on Amazon and Okada Books.

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