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Hult Prize Foundation UNIZIK holds Campus Entrepreneurship Competition



Hult Prize Foundation UNIZIK has held its Campus competition tagged, “The Ultimate Pitch”. The event which strictly held in line with the Covid-19 safety precautions took place at J.Jumac Hotels and Towers, Awka, Anambra state, Nigeria.In his address, the Unizik Campus Director, Avah Somtochukwu said that the program is offered in partnership with the United Nations.

He also noted that it is a movement for social impact particularly organised for young people and a noble prize for students who seek to lead, empower, and transform how the younger generation envision their own possibilities of being a change agent in the society.”

The entrepreneurship Campus Program is structured to inspire, educate, train, accelerate, fund and scale its participants,” he further said.The competition had Chukwuma Akubue, CEO Chumee & Ferundo Project, Ngozi Nworji-Ekeh, Assistant program manager SOML initiative, Anambra State Ministry of Health, Iyke Raphael Okoye, Geology & mining/ safety and precaution methods, Abadom Ikechukwu MSC Health promotion, Ministry of Health, Okoye Nnenna Genevive, a Dental Therapist as the members of the panel of judges.

Also, the competition had four registered teams duly represented by their members who presented their ideas to the judges and audience. They were; Team JODS, Team Gumaling, Team Integrated farm and Team Ziksales.Team JODS tagged their project, “Repairing the Earth”. The team leader Onyedikachi Ifeanyi expressed that the Earth contains a lot lot of wastes more than it contains edible food and these wastes are not completely useless as they can be recycled into useful materials.

To aid this idea, the team developed an app for collection of wastes for the purpose of recycling in order to eliminate the amount of wastes on earth and this will in turn improve the consumption of healthy food.

The presentation of Team Gumaling was on the need to reduce the consumption of processed food. The team enlightened the audience on dangers of too much consumption of processed food which could lead to blindness, cataracts, teeth and gum infection, joint disorder and obesity, among others. In an attempt to aid processed food reduction intake, Team Gumaling proposed the cultivation of high prized crops, anti oxygants which the team has began to work on.

In the same vein, Team Integrated farm addressed the benefits of vegetables, particularly pumpkin which contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Alcholoid, potassium, iron and calcium.

On the health benefits, the team stressed that consumption of pumpkin aids to increase sperm count, production of breast milk for nursing mothers and cure to convulsion if squeezed out and mixed with coconut oil.

The team also admitted to be in partnership with the Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture to improve and facilitate the production of pumpkin leaf. Team ZikSales presentation was on bridging the gap in the distribution between farmers and consumers to increase availability of healthy food.

To bridge this gap, the team is working on web and mobile based platform where farmers can connect with their customers and get their products to the market. This would also make farm produce less expensive as it would eliminate the middle men, the team explained.

The presentations was followed by questions and deliberation of the judges. The panel of judges in accordance with the criteria provided by HULT PRIZE, came to a unanimous decision and declared Team JODS the winner or the competition with 94 points, with Team Gumaling as the first runner up with 89 points, Integrated farm as the second runner up with 75 points and Team Ziksales with 63 pointts.

The judges further expressed satisfaction with performance of the team while urging the competitors to continue to work hard and be optimistic in their dealings and challenges that may face them.

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