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Buhari, Merkel, Johnson, world leaders congratulate Biden



LEADERS around the world had congratulated the new president of the United States of America (USA).

   Joe Biden was  sworn in yesterday, the heads of nations and global organisations sent into a flurry of congratulatory messages.

Renouncing recent events that played out in United States, they called on Biden to kick off the healing process while prioritising relaunching America into its position as global police and centre point of democracy.

Speaking in his congratulatory message, President Muhammadu Buhari called on Biden to tone down the divisions in America and carry everybody along.

A statement by Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, described Biden’s emergence as apt “at a time of uncertainty and challenges in world affairs.”

The statement also expressed President Buhari’s confidence that Nigeria and United States relations would witness tremendous improvement under the Biden administration.

Similarly, British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has felicitated with Joe Biden on his inauguration as the 47th president of United States.

Boris sent his congratulation in message issued by Downing Street spokesperson.

While reiterating the close and longstanding relationship between Britain and United States, Boris called on Biden to commit to building more partnerships in areas such as trade and security — including through NATO.

Also, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has urged Biden to return America to global centrepiece by expediting action and multilateral co-operations in the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, NATO, trade and racial justice.

Speaking in his own felicitation message, President of France, Emmanuel Macron called on Biden to touch on many issues of mutual interest to the two countries.

Macron also advised Biden to return America to its traditional alliances that were revoked by his predecessor and also rededicate to climate change, health, the defence of fundamental rights and the fight against terrorism, among others.  

 Equally, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel described Joe Biden’s inauguration as a turning point in American history, charging him to avoid leading on divisive lines.

Commending his leadership pedigree, Merkel expressed her hope of stronger US-Germany relations under the two administrations, particularly by revitalising the trans-Atlantic relationship including through NATO and EU as well as containing COVID-19 and the climate crisis.

Also, German President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier called Joe Biden’s inauguration a huge relief to a world in turmoil and   a good omen for democracy. “I am greatly relieved that Joe Biden will be inaugurated as president today and move into the White House. I know this feeling is shared by many people in Germany,” he tweeted.

  Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, also felicitated with Biden on his inauguration, describing it as timely amid the present global confusion.

  Reminding Biden that United States and Australia share many values and history, Morrison noted that the two countries fought side-by-side in every conflict since World War I. He called on Biden to continue to make Australia a great ally of United States.

 Also, in a message to Biden, Pope Francis said American people would continue to draw strength from his lofty political, ethical and religious leadership values which will inspire the nation.

  President of EU Commission, Ursurla von der Leyen, described   Biden as a “friend in the White House after four years where transatlantic relations often were strained.”

   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also congratulated Biden and his Vice President, Kamala Harris on their historic inauguration.

 Netanyahu reminded Biden of their warm personal friendship going back many decade and expressed hope for  further strengthened US-Israel alliance.

  Spokesman of Hamas, Fawzi Barhoum expressed no regret for Donald Trump’s exit, and hoped for a better United States interventions in the Middle East, advising Biden to  reverse the misguided and unjust policies that were triggered at our people by Trump.”

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