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In Umueri, Ajeh marks Iguaro 2021



IT WAS a remarkable day in Umueri, Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State as the Iguaro Festival known as Olili Ovala Ajeh 2021 was held at Amaakpalata mmanoma nneyi Umueri by the chief priest, Kingsley Uchenna Nnazoba, popularly known as Ajeh of Okebo land.

  The annual jubilation, which has been for centuries holds in the community every twelfth day (Afor Market day) of every tenth month, aiming at revealing the prophecies that may affect the community and beyond by the chief priest before every farming season and their ways of solution for progress in their land.

This festival was followed by the procession of masquerades called “Igbaada” from Enugu forest in Akwuete nneyi, through Amaakpalata mmanoma to all parts of Umueri.

During the celebration, Kingsley Nnazoba received a new car presented by Josephat Onwualor, who said it would enable him to deliver his duties both within and outside the community.

In return, Nnazoba ,alongside of his wife, Chinenye Nnazoba (Lolo Ajeh) expressed their joy and thanked ndi Igbo in diaspora who had stood for the success of the celebration and also asked God for more progress, love and peace in Umueri, as well as other individuals who came to witness the event.

Speaking to the press, Josephat Onwualor said that culture was not about worshiping idolatry but to promote Igbo tradition and also prayed for continuous blessings among Igbos.

“I am a peaceful man who believes in culture and promotes culture. I single handedly bought him a car which I promised him last year. He deserves it to run his expected duties. Today, God has helped me to fulfill my promise” he said.

At the event was a veteran actor, Chief Pete Edochie, who said that tradition hds been for centuries and continues to exist and also advised ndi Igbo to stand by it.

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