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Ohaneze Ndigbo and new template for socio-cultural, economic renaissance



IT MAY be apposite to asseverate that the election of new leadership to pilot the affairs of the apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation called ‘Ohaneze Ndigbo’ at a colourful ceremony in Owerre, capital of Imo State, could be said to have sign-posted a new template for Igbo socio-cultural and economic trajectory.

  THE election, which like typical Nigerian elections into political offices, was not without pockets of rumbles from some quarters; but it is certain that eventually, there is bound to be a meeting of minds for the larger interest of Igbo nation.

THE new helmsman, Professor George Obiozo, being a distinguished public administrator and diplomat, will root for inclusive template as a bridge builder and a man of unimpeachable integrity with national and international clout, will assuredly bring all these salient qualities to bear on the new template to further the frontiers of socio-cultural and economic up-grade of the distinguished organisation.

IN HIS acceptance speech, the former Ambassador of Nigeria in United States while expressing profound gratitude to the entire Igbo race for finding him worthy to pilot the apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, outlined a four-point agenda namely: security, economy, education, peace and reconciliation.

Hear him: “I know this is no easy decision on the part of Ndigbo or even my humble self. But I promise you and my God, that I shall take up to the best of my ability to tackle the challenges and the responsibilities that come with the hallowed office with honour, dignity, dedication, decency and decorum”.

EXPATIATING further, the distinquished diploma said: “My dream type of leadership/manager model, using the most and best available efficient persons and instruments to achieve Igbo collectively defined objectives.  I believe this can be done without malice but with diplomatic dexterity, decency and decorum”.

NATIONAL LIGHT wishes to commend the former Ohaneze Ndigbo presidents general like Justice Eze-Ozobu, Ralph Uweche and Chief Dr. Nnia Nwodo, who strove energetically to galvanise the Igbo in the country and in the diaspora to have focus and collective aspiration to have Igbo to have a focus and also be on an enviable pedestal to pursue and safeguard the interest of Igbo race in a country where their founding fathers like

DR. NNAMDI Azikiwe and Dr. M M Okpala did a lot to place Igbo on an enviable pedestal. Therefore, the need for egalitarianism and brotherhood within the enclave called Nigeria cannot be gainsaid.

GRANTED that the present day governance template is not really what it should be, the new team should bestir themselves to tax the creativity, industry and resilience of Ndigbo so as to overcome the existential challenges thrown up in the country.

NDIGBO in the country and those in the diapora should be made to think home and realise that vast acres of land exist in the South East Geopolitical Zone for industrial and technological advancement. Happily, Obiozo has made security a major plank of his leadership.

IGBO hold the ace in terms of human capacity, requisite qualities and large market for advanced manufactures which will frontally tackle the unemployment scourge; in addition to joining the advanced nations of the world to move the people forward.

CONSEQUENTLY, the erudite scholar and his ebullient executive should leverage on Nwodo’s blueprint on the South East Economic Stabilisation Fund and galvanise especially Ndigbo in the diaspora to attract Foreign Direct Investments [FDI] to actualise and translate the noble dream into concrete reality.

 NATIONAL LIGHT believes that former director general in the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs will continue where his immediate predecessor stopped, which is the rightful quest for Ndigbo to produce the next Nigerian President after other two major ethnic groups have their slot. 

Again, it will lend its voice in the quest for the restructuring of the federation to reinvent the First Republic. Since all Nigerians are stridently clamouring for a return to the old regional region with the police decentralised, the new Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership should be courageous enough to begin from where its predecessor stopped given the fact that restructuring remains the only panacea for the county’s renewal and rebirth. Ohaneze stands for the unity of Nigeria but it has to be on equitable bases to justify the song in our National Anthem.

ALL said and done, National Light is not unaware of Obiozo’s exalted academic feat and as a die-in-the wool diploma and sophistry, but we want to caution against brandishing this elite since there is a likelihood that it will be at cross purposes with the overall weal and welfare of the larger Igbo masses

Since all the South East Governors had given their moral support, he should strive to understand the Igbo agitation now, in addition to regarding IPOB as our children and advice them to believe in the unity of Nigeria which by the grace of God, is evolving gradually. 

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