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Man raised from death by Ilonzo returns 33yrs after



… Discloses he’s not been to hospital since 1988
… Ilonzo treats him of memory loss

MANY who didn’t know the founder, Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA), Chief (Dr) Flora Ilonzo and her great powers of healing with herbs across the globe, got to know her in 1988, after the news of how she raised an Enugu-based tailor, Gaius Ejiogu, from the dead was carried by the media.

  Before then, she was healing people affected with various disease including mental illness, cancer, tuberculosis, among others.

  Of course, Gaius was not the first person already confirmed dead by doctors or even brought out from the mortuary that Ilonzo raised from the dead but according to Ilonzo, Gaius’ story launched her to the outside world because it caught more attention of the press and she took him to various places outside Nigeria.

  Ilonzo never hesitates to proudly tell the story of how she got her powers or knowledge from the teachings of her grandfather, Akunne Onyido, who she once revived after he was certified clinically dead by dropping the same liquid squeezed from Odaa Opue in his nostrils even before healing Gaius and many others.

  Giaus Ejiogu hails from Orodo in Mbaitolu Local Government Area of Imo State. He was a father of six children as at the time of the incident in 1988 and had two other children after that.

  According to Ilonzo while recalling the incident in an exclusive interview with our reporters at her CPHA home in Awka, after curing Gaius from memory loss,  “Gaius is not the only person I raised from the dead but he made me popular. It happened in 1988. He woke up one morning and became paralysed. He was taken to hospital but at a point, he died.

His wife insisted that he must be brought to me because they have heard stories of others like Mrs Ntori from Isukwuato, who was brought from mortuary and raised from the dead. When they brought him, we administered odaa opue (Bryophyllum Pinnatum) on him and he started moving his tongue. We followed up the treatment and he finally became whole.

  “His relations, who never agreed with his wife to bring him to us were marveled. They still say till this day that they never believed that “a corn thrown on concrete would ever be fruitful”.

  “My happiness is that since 1988 till he lost his memory few weeks ago, he never got sick or went to hospital and he even became fruitful by fathering two more children after the incident.”

  Ilonzo revealed that Gaius was brought to her this second time not because he was sick but because he didn’t know himself.

  “He told his people he wanted to go home. They thought he was talking of going to the village. They took him to the village and he kept saying he wanted to go home.

  “The day I was talking with him, he said he was telling them that I am the only one that would understand what he meant. They brought him from village to here when they found out he didn’t recognise even his daughter.

  “We used ugili leaves to wash his head before taking him to the ward. Our fathers used ugili seeds for divination. Ugili touches the brain/memory. Anybody who has somebody losing memory should use ugili.

  Collaborating Ilonzo’s claims, Mr Ejiogu, who spoke to our reporters in an interview after he was discharged from the healing centre said that he never got sick after he was revived by Ilonzo in 1988 and thanked Ilonzo for saving his life once again.

  His wife, Mrs Appolonia Ejiogu narrated how God used Ilonzo to revive her husband 33 years ago.

  She said, “We have known Ilonzo since 1988, when my husband got paralysed. We were at a hospital and things were getting worse. At a point, he was declared dead. We were directed to go to Anyafulugo. In truth, he was about to be taken to the mortuary and his brothers never agreed that we should carry him to Anyafulugo, saying we were only going to waste more money.

  “My brother insisted that he will use his car and pay the money. After much debate, I insisted we most get there. When we got there, even that my brother didn’t believe he would be revived. They took him in and after administering the herbs; I didn’t know the herbs but she is the one explaining just like now what she gave him and he got better. He first started moving his tongue. After some days, he was able to move his hands. Then One day, he told me to help him stand up and that was how he started moving around and became well.

  “Since he came back to life 33 years ago, he had no problem. He used to come here regularly. Even when they packed to Awka from Enugu, he was part of them.  We came back here few weeks ago because he lost himself. He didn’t recognize anybody.

  “But since we came here, he is getting better. Is he not the one telling you I’m his wife? As at the time we brought him, he said I am a harlot following him around.  What is happening here is wonderful. Anyafulugo merits the name, ‘Ozouwandu’. A lot of things are happening in the ward. There were lots of hopeless cases since we came but the patients have all gone home.

  “She is trying a lot. I pray God to keep her alive. Her works is just a little different from that of Christ.”

Ilonzo, who was visibly happy over Gaius’ recovery presented some herbs and drugs to Gaius  for use at home.

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