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Anambra now enjoys developmental governance – Chuma-Odili



Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, popularly known as Ogene Igbo is the National President, Association of Digital Media Core Advocates ( ADMCA) and former governorship aspirant in Anambra State. In this interview with CHARITY UZOAGBA, he speaks on the developmental governance brought to Anambra State by Gov. Obiano and urged him to ensure peaceful election and transition. Excerpts:

WHAT is your assessment of developments in Anambra State within the last seven years she has been under Governor Willie Obiano’s administration?

So far so good, it has been developmental governance. It has been work, work and work. I give him 80 percent in development, infrastructure wise, because he came in and started building monumental structures. Infrastructure wise, Gov. Willie Obiano has been working tenaciously. You can call him workaholic in terms of building infrastructure. It has been developmental government that is very progressive and productive too. So, I score him very high mark.

What would you consider his greatest achievement so far?

I will always say this and it is key – security because when you have security, you have an enabling ground to do more or whatever thing that you want to do. He has been able to nip that in the bud and at least, reduced to a drastic level; to a level that we are no longer afraid of the unknown.

You know that the fear of the unknown is no longer there. We walk the streets of Anambra State without fear. Though, we have pockets of crime here and there, but not like it used to be before Gov. Obiano.

So, in terms of security, he did well and another highpoint is the ability to attract investors in the state, especially the citizens of the state, ndi Anambra in the diaspora – the ‘Akuluouno’ concept; the idea of bringing ndi Anambra home to invest here. It is actually happening. It is something that you see, feel and touch.

Ndi Anambra out there, me for one, i have a business in the state. I give it to him for making Anambra safe for us to come in and do business; come in to see our parents and even have fun. So, I applaud him security-wise. He did marvelously well and is still doing great in that very aspect.

What areas would you want the governor to improve in the state?

He has done his best so far, but a lot need to be done. This is a development stage; we are still advancing; we are not yet there. So, he doesn’t really have much time for me to tell him what to do now. What I should say is that whoever that is going to be next governor should consolidate on what is on ground and take it further. No project should be abandoned at the exit of Gov. Obiano.

 Let it be a continuity government. That is our prayer. Let there be progress. I don’t really have much to tell him to do now, rather than to tell him to assure us of peaceful transition, peaceful governorship election and peaceful primaries. Let the state remain peaceful as we approach the gubernatorial election. That is the only thing that I have to tell him.

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