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COVID-19, going… hunger coming – Ilonzo



… Drops hint of what could follow COVID-19
… Says agriculture should be given more serious attention
… Calls for help to planting life-saving plants

The founder, Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration, Chief Dr Flora Ifeanyichukwu Nkemakonam Ilonzo, popularly known as Anyafulugo and member of World Drug Information has been in the forefront of the crusade on the use of herbal medicines for treatment of all manner of ailments over the years, insisting that ‘our food is our drug’. In this exclusive interview with National Light’s ROSE ORANYE, CHINWENDU UZOATU and BLESSING NNABUIFE, she revealed various means of preventing and treating the dreaded coronavirus through the use of herbs, including what will befall the people when coronavirus finally goes. Excerpts:

WHAT do you have to say about the coronavirus presently ravaging the world?  Is there any herbal remedy or are you still researching?

    Coronavirus has come before. Just as I have explained to some people that my father, Akunne Onyido taught me that  the infectious disease we had in the olden days was Ebola, and that after Ebola, the next disease is Okwugba; that Ebola is nchiche. Our fathers say we don’t shake hands with one infected with nchiche. You don’t interact with them. That’s why on radio, I explained to the world to use salt during Ebola time. Remember I talked about nnu Igbo. It has stronger power.

Okwugba is what is happening now. It’s the white men that called it corona. Okwugba implies let people not come together or be close to each other; that if one sneezes or breaths out, because you are close or standing close together, you get infected. What they used to cure it then is called Akpalataa (Aflizia Africana), They called it influenza that sickens Africans after their research. I explained this before corona started.

  Another thing is that those that are living close to Oyi, Ajalli, so many places in Anambra State and Igboland would know that when this type of disease came, both the one that pulls off parts of the face muscles, living spots in the skin; that they used to cut a particular leaf and place in people’s compounds. Before you enter one’s compound, you see the leaf.

The plant is called Okpete ani. That is the leaf our fathers used. They squeeze out the liquid in the Okpete Ofia and when grinding snuff, they add the water to the snuff because of the disease’s ability to hold people in the chest.

  Presently, we have the disease. It has happened before but each time, they give it a different name. The name now is coronavirus. When it came first, they called it influenza. I know that as a small girl, we were vaccinated in school.

They called it vaccinator. Some people get sick after the vaccination; others don’t fall sick. Some people like me got scars. This scar (shows the scar) in my hand is more than 60 years. So, this Okwugba called COVID-19 had a cure then –  ogbu ani. They say that it holds people in the heart and ribs; that it makes breathing difficult, that it gives fever, etc. It is ogbu ani that our fathers used.

  People see that ebubeagu is planted in village squares and in people’s houses. Some people see it and say “remove all these;” that they are charms. They are not. It is the medicinal value that makes it able to fight. All of them are things we in CPHA now use.

Most of these things our fathers used are what my grandfather, Akunne Onyido thought me. That is why we have what we call Fini Anti Viral Soap.

   You may be hearing them say you should use soap to wash hands. What did they use to do that soap? Is it only soda? It is a lot of herbs; lots of those things that prevent one from contracting infectious diseases; both ringworm, onya nwadiani and others. After using that soap to bath, you go your way and if your body touches one with the disease, it won’t infect you.

   People should no longer be afraid of corona but what will follow it, like my father told me, is what has to do with farm produce.  You can see that as the disease is on, our weather has changed. It’s no longer as it used to be.

We are supposed to have had the first rain long ago and be talking about the second one but it’s not like that. We should look into things relating to farming with seriousness like our fathers did. You can see that what you plant now does not grow as it used to. Let’s work to get people to come and help.

  After this thing happened, my stepfather, John Ndukwe went to Israel. He’s the one that brought those that opened the Nkwelle Ezunaka farm. They brought what was used to the prevent effect of what happened in agriculture. He brought people that planted palm trees in Igbariam. He brought those that opened market garden in Enugu.

  That is why I am alive. How can I be alive and this thing is here and all the things I learnt from Nnaa Onyido and  Ndulue will be in vain? That’s why after Ebola, I met with Israelis because I thought that after Ebola, we would have issues relating to farm produce. Corona is about to go. It will go in Jesus name

  What government and all that love ndi Igbo and human race should do is to endeavour to get food produced. They should plant food abundantly. One issue is that too much use of fertilizer has affected the land in such a way that if you bring just abana (water yam),for example, it is no longer as before.

There is a kind of fertilizer that changes the quality of farm produce. You can see that after cooking yam, if you pour oil on it, it doesn’t absorb oil. These are what brought diseases and reduce the potency of drugs.

  That’s why i am pleading that we give agriculture more serious attention. I am a vegetarian but i found out something. A lot of people eating chicken will tell you it’s not as sweet as before. This is because of the feed and drugs they give them. It affects the quality of the meat.

People should occasionally buy okuku Igbo. Even if it is agric, allow it to find its own food sometimes. It knows exactly what to eat even when it is sick. You will see that the quality and yield will be better than those raised with chemicals. It’s the chemicals that bring about so many health challenges and sickness.

  However, God kept herbs for us. I am pleased that the herbs or plants that fight corona are available in our houses respectively. They don’t need manure. I need people to help me get Israelis to come here.  How many Israelis have you heard died of corona?

 They know the type of trees to plant. When they first came, they planted many trees. If you go to Market Garden in Enugu, you will see a mango tree with different parts/branches producing different species of mangoes. That’s what we should learn. That is what I want to plead about corona.

We have the leaves/ herbs in CPHA. We have a lot of herbs preventing and curing a lot of diseases. We also have them in different bushes. The difference is that we do herbal farming. Before, if you buy cucumber, It used to have spots like pimple.

But because of fertilizer, it’s now smooth. Before, if one has heartburn, you eat cucumber and get okay.  It cures ulcer.  People should use more of coconut. If you can get evu egbe,  I mean the evu egbe that attaches itself to otosi (bamboo), oloma nkilisi, etc, I will show how to use it to revive the dead. It has something like nkpulu ngwo.

  Why I explained this is that Ebola and corona have come before. Corona is already running away but what will follow is that all the things we breathe out, the trees and herbs are breathing in.   That was why after the influenza, we had the locusts (igwulube). It was too much and destroyed farm produce.  People should take things easy.  Know that your food is your medicine but that chemicals reduce the potency/ power of the produce.

  Are you trying to say that after COVID-19, farm produce may not be potent and pests may come to attack?

  I am saying that government should help to get people to come and help. It was when this kind of thing happened that our fathers got people that planted egbu in village squares to prevent people around from dying in their sleep or  that what followed corona will not kill them. That’s why it is egbu (onwu egbu ora)

  You are already saying that coronavirus is about to go, even as we have got  vaccines.  How do we reconcile whether it is going because of the vaccine or not? Should our people take the vaccine?

   I told you I was vaccinated. Nku di na mba na- eghelu mba nri. It is what is in vogue. You can’t refuse to be vaccinated because if you refuse, there’s a way you will be compelled to be vaccinated; like those traveling out. If people see that it’s not killing, they can go. The important thing is to make corona go. All I know is that corona is no longer as it was when it came newly. Our people are understanding the need to protect themselves.

  What have you to say about people not complying with the COVID-19 preventive protocols as directed by government?

 I still tell people to follow all the protocols. Wash your hands with soap and running water regularly, wear your mask to cover your nose and mouth. Know that the air we breathe out, including those with the disease are taken in by trees and herbs. It’s therefore important that we cover our mouths and avoid being in crowded places. That’s why it is called mbeli nkwugba

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