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Obiano creates real opportunities for Anambra Diaspora to bring home investment – Anierobi



Dr Kenneth Anierobi is the Commissioner for Disapora Affairs, Indigenous Artworks, Culture and Tourism. In this interview with CHIGOZIE ANUEYIAGU, he observes how the governor has encouraged and supported the people in the Diaspora to invest in Anambra State. Excerpts:

WHAT is your assessment on developments in Anambra State within the last seven years under Governor Willie Obiano’s administration?

  I would say it’s been excellent. The government has achieved a lot. In particular, the government has focused on and has delivered on very key projects that have potential to transform Anambra State in the near future. I am also impressed with the fact that the government has delivered so much without making a lot of noise about it.

  What do you consider his greatest achievements so far?

  I will say, security; not only because Anambra is probably the safest State in Nigeria today, but because security is fundamental and is necessary for any other thing to stand. So, it is commendable that the government prioritised security and worked very well to ensure Anambra is safe and secured.

  Secondly, the government has established a very good foundation and structure for investments to thrive in Anambra State. Many of the infrastructural projects that the government has carried out are enablers for investment in the state, example, the International Airport, the International Conference Centre, the City Stadium, and many other projects.

  The third thing that is impressive is the fact of the regular payment of salaries of public servants in the state. I think this is something that is generally taken for granted. Think about the fact that in some states in Nigeria, workers are owed salaries for upwards of six months.

 In what specific ways have the Obiano administration made impact on your ministry for the past seven years?

  I can tell you about two. First is the completion of tourist sites across the state. The governor made sure that the ministry is able to build the facilities at the tourist sites at Ogbunike in Oyi LGA, Owerre Ezukalla in Orumba South, and Amoka in Ihiala LGA.

  Secondly, the state government has been able to create real opportunities for ndi Anambra in the Diaspora to be able to invest back home here in the state. For instance, approval was already given for the establishment of a Diaspora Estate in the state. There are also several projects and programmes that government has put in place; some in partnership with the private sector to encourage and support the people in the Diaspora to invest in Anambra State.

  I should also state that the International Airport project will be particularly beneficial to our people in the Diaspora.

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