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Seven years of multi-sectoral quest for greater Anambra



As today marks seven years of Governor Willie Obiano in office, CHIZOBA NJAKA and CHIKAODI CHUKWULETA got people’s views on his performance during the years and how to improve in the next one year. Excerpts:

Obiano is an achiever – Obasi

ACTUALLY, there have been distractions here and there if you could recall what happened at the beginning of his tenure between him and his successor because in politics; there are no permanent friend or enemy.  It is a game of interest.

  The case could have been a huge distraction but god gave him victory because of his giant strides and development he has been putting in place. Before now, i mean before Governor Obiano , the capital of Anambra, which is Awka, happened to be a glorified village but the action governor, Willie Obiano turned it to a befitting capital.

There was no trace of street lights in Anambra State then but here we are now enjoying it. Again, during his second tenure campaign, there were distractions but in all, he became the first governor to score 21 over 21.

You know what that means. I also want to speak about the first lady, Her Excellency, the governor’s wife, Eberechukwu Obiano, Osodieme. She is doing wonderfully well in her initiation of the project called ” CAFE’ which she uses to touch the lives of widows and mad people; taking them out of the streets by rehabilitating them at Nteje.

  The evidences are there. What about the youths? She engaged them in skill acquisition programs which helped tremendously to empower so many youths, thereby combating and reducing crime because an idle mind, they say, is a devil’s tool. So many things need to be said about the government of Obiano in Anambra State in this his seventh year in office. He is an achiever and needs to be applauded.

Nkiruka Obasi is the founder, Noble Foundation School, Ugwuagba, Obosi)

He should avoid starting new projects – Chukwuleta


A LOOK at the Obiano’s administration in the last seven years can see improvements and disappointments. This administration has recorded quality stand in strengthening the establishments of governance. Also it’s consistency in salary payment though not an international bench mark for development is commendable considering the overwhelming corruption and wickedness in governance in the country.

  The governor obviously has good intentions for the state but the execution of some of the projects fall below par. His youth empowerment efforts through appointment of young minds and economic employment are awesome but his foot soldiers in some quarters are working against his dream for the state.

  He has less than one year. I think what he should be doing now is to avoid the temptation of starting new projects no matter the pressure. But try and work towards 80 to 90 per cent completion of some huge projects. Such landmark projects, if completed, may help to blur to some extent, his administrative minuses.

Chigozie Chukwuleta is the deputy station manager, UNIZIK FM.

He made some dangerous areas accessible at night – Duru


I REALLY have a lot to say but let me only pick few points starting from security which is the key.  At first, he empowered security officials and made some dangerous areas free to access even at night; places like Upper Iweka Bridge which I know was very terrible to cross at night. I can hear him say that they colleted his school fees there. But from what I see now, those boys are returning back to keep that place unaccessible again. So, he should look at that once more and do something more about the security in that area.

  In health system, he has really done much in equipping and refurbishing hospitals/health centers in the state. I know of the Onisha General Hospital, the Orumba General Hospital, the Ultramodern Rise Clinic in Adazi Ani, etc. 

  In education, he refurbished all the mission schools as well as the government schools, awarding of scholarships to over 200 students and ensures teachers’ welfare and also employment of more teachers to improve the standard of learning.

  He asphalted over 150 roads, including three flyovers in Awka, the Arroma Bridge, Amawbia and Kwata. The two bridges and five cell culverts in Awgbu-Ndiukwuenu-Awa-Ufuma axis and I have also seen the work going on at Ekwulobia, Uga, Akokwa, Owerri Road. I will also like him to look at Upper Iweka/ Owerri Road for repairs as we have much pot holes on it. I have moved all round the town at nights and see that Anambra is sweet at night as the street lights keep making you feel very happy with cool breeze. I only feel he could reach out to villages and make them feel happy too in the same manner.

  Sincerely speaking, he has done well in agriculture. Now, we have Anambra rice, tomatoes and other vegetables. Check out the Anaku, Omasi, Aguleri, Igbariam Poultry Farm, the abattoir in Awka. To this, I really thank him for touching all sectors and advice him to look more into local markets than exporting of these food items. Though we have more to what I can catch here but I thank God for him and pray that God will open his eyes to the areas he really needs to improve.

 Stephen Duru is a graduate of Building Techonoloy Federal Polythenic Nekede Owerri

He has done well in agric, others – Uduonu


WELL, Obiano has actually done well in Anambra State especially in the area of security, prompt payment of salaries, youth development, more especially in the area of agriculture.

  When you go to Umueri, you will see the airport project that will be commissioned soon. This airport has as well, motivated our billionaires to start investing in airlines. In all he has done great.

  I would like him to look at road construction and maintenance as most of our rural areas now need urgent attention.

Comrade Frank Uduonu is the Director, Anti-Piracy Society of Nigeria.

He has not done badly – Ezechukwu


HE HAS not done badly but comparing but he still has a lot to do. He should help small scale industries by providing enabling environment for these growing businesses to thrive.

  He can do this by reduction of taxes and giving soft loans to people to enable them succeed in their choice of businesses.

Ude Ezechukwu is  an entrepreneur at Nnewi

Eke Awka is better managed under Obiano – Oji

FOR me, Obiano really tried the little he could by ensuring that Anambra enjoys security and construction of infrastructure, particularly here in Eke Awka and its environs. Buildings in the market were well constructed and managed.

  Drainages were well constructed that today, while it rains, the water passes through channels unlike before. Not only that, let’s give the governor a round of applause in the area of neatness and sanitation; unlike before when everywhere is littered and smells odd.

  He should put more effort on road construction and link roads to enable business flow smoothly and to enable both us and the buyers enjoy our efforts and success to the business we add.

Emeka Oji is  a building material dealer at Eke Awka

He needs to improve on the road infrastructure – Maduekwe


HE NEEDS to improve on the road infrastructure, then security and make sure the on-going Anambra State International Airport will be ready and commissioned before he leaves Office.

  By doing so, we will grade him the best governor in the history of Anambra State.

 Paul Maduekwe is a Graduate of Ebonyi State University with B.A History and International Relations.

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