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Sustaining impressive productive run through human capacity development



OBIANO’S seven years stewardship to ndi Anambra bespeaks many positives but human capital development holds highest attraction in the score card, yet, so unsung, or at best, under appreciated.

  When the visionary governor said that in the nearest future, the indices for measuring development will no longer be essentially about physical infrastructure but about quality of human capital development, not many grasped the import of his message in seeking societal transformation through human capacity building.

  To assert his farsightedness, in less than 12 months into his first term in office, Obiano made a statement of intent on upgrading his working team by listing a number of teachers across the 21 local goverment areas for training and retraining courses. The handwriting became clear enough for every doubting Thomas to read the new direction beckoning.

The green light on much possible positives derivable from human capital training manifested early in the education sector, with pupils  raking-in numerous awards for the state in a very short experimental period. It is no longer news that a team of her pupils went to Singapore for mock debate in 2016 and returned ‘the world beaters’. If anyone thinks it was serendipitous outcome, they should be reminded that a painstaking decision led to the sending of certain number of teachers overseas for capacity building at the expense of the state.

To establish the state’s poise to hold the reigns of superiority-status over their rivals, another set of pupils of Anambra descent went to far away Silicone Valley, San Franciso, United States, in 2018 World Technovation challenge and beat their counterparts in a science and technology contest. Does this tell you anything? If it doesn’t, just know that the magic is building-the-builder.

  Again, a team of four boys from the state further won International award (Bronze prize) in Tunisia for developing devices capable of solving Africa’s energy problem by inventing ‘Adaptable Alternative Power Supply’ and a ‘Noiseless Inverter System’ during International Festival of Engineering, Science and Technology competition in Tunis.

  Were the feats achieved only in education sector? Definitely no! Thanks to the effective human capital resources development program on ground in the state. 

  The governor’s prediction that human intellect and quality would become the differentiator between societies is already clearly manifesting and the state can only get better even in years to come.

It is a well known fact that the world is now driven by technology. The question is, how do societies key into this evolving era?

Anambra has stepped out to take the bull by the horns and her engagements in Information Communication Technology and creative industry are already putting the state at vantage point over her countemporaries in the country.  Without attributing the gains of human capital development program in the state much to only the education sector, the one teacher, one laptop policy of Obiano’s administration  is worth mentioning as it set the foundation for teachers to swiftly fit into the new world and acquire requisite knowledge they impart on their subjects.

  Away from the education sector, though it has been quoted as backbone of any country’s positive development by the United Nations, all references so far made is still within limits of moderation given its affirmed relevance in societal building. However, this administration’s capacity training goes beyond formal education level; cutting across virtually all facets of the system.

The state government through its agencies has continued to conduct capacity trainings and workshops for different categories of workers in the formal and informal sectors. Therefore, when in December, the Anambra State Community and Social Development Agency (ANCSDA) concluded a third phase of its workshop in selected local governments for Community and Social Development program for the year 2020, it only affirmed the state’s commitment to building physical infrastructure through capacity development. The workshop was meant to train committee members on how to appraise and monitor community development projects in line with government’s policy direction.

  The spontaneous infrastructural development across communities in the state through the Community -Choose-Your-Project initiative of Akpokuedike is a concrete result of that human resource capacity development. The Community-Choose-Your-Project policy has deeply connected the people with their goverment and assuaged for what the federal government policies could not fulfill.

  Arguably, the physical infrastructure that many point at in measuring policy effectiveness is only a product of intellectual exercise which yields better dividend when upgraded.

  Without doubt, some of these projects have provided empowerment to many citizens and contributed in solving unemployment issues in the state. It further created opportunities for some communities to test their potentials in championing their own development course. The local content initiative embedded in the program gave the people leverage to explore their hands both on the technical and managerial aspects of project execution.

  Would it surprise anybody to know that Anambra youths are fast getting onboard in driving the economy despite limited opportunities at the federal level?

  The Nnewi technological craftsmanship may not have evolved from Obiano’s goverment but that it received sufficient boost in his tenure is as clear as the day. Today, the Innoson Motors Plant manufactures varieties of automobiles ranging from sedans to SUVs to the level of exportation.

Motorcycle spare parts production is equally spreading across all parts of Nnewi by the day.

The presence of Chinese expatriate workers notwithstanding, Innoson brand motors should remind everyone of Igboman’s creative ingenuity.Ndi Igbo are involved from the research to the finishing. Arguably, if Obiano’s administration didn’t encourage advancement from the grassroots by providing enabling support, such feat would not have been achievable.

  The efi Igbo concept initiated to complement dairy food demands and improve protein dietary for the citizens proofed a saving grace. This follows recent boycott of agro product supplies from the north to the south by the northern traders, leading to acute shortages of onions, tomatoes, beans and other agro products from the region, including cows in the south.

  Before, this incident, nobody imagined a time would come when north and south trade activities could be disrupted to the point of one region withdrawing supplies of products at their disposal for any reasons other than war situation, but Obiano’s policies have indeed proven his visionary leadership. His human capital development policy ensured that Eagle Farm in Umuchu, Aguata Local Government Area got the desired support for a new skill in the state’s agro practice; hence the emergence of efi Igbo farm with Ugochukwu Okpalaeke leading the line in the project currently. Today, southeast and indeed, the entire south now see the need for rearing local cows and promoting dairy farms practice.

  Obviously, if the human resources are ill equipped for this, the idea would be dead on arrival. Suffice it to say that the success of the Umuchu efi Igbo project would not have been possible without Obiano’s administration providing the needed platform for it to succeed.

  Beaming the searchlight a little further, the burgeoning shoe manufacturing market in Nkwelle Junction, Onitsha-Enugu expressway supports the postulation that the potentials of the state could be unlocked in many areas if the human resources are primed to tap from it. Thanks to Obiano’s inspirational administration that revved up skills explorations of ndi Anambra. Onitsha may soon be taking over from Aba in shoe manufacturing if the momentum is sustained.

  Indeed, citizens owe Obiano much appreciation for his administration’s positive impact in making even the artisans believe in their ability to be part of the economic successes of the state.

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