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Woman cheats death, crashes car into National Light’s fence



TRAGEDY was narrowly averted yesterday as car driven by a middle-aged woman skidded the road and ended at the National Light Newspapers perimeter fence, pulling a sizeable portion of the wall down in the process.

The incident involving a Toyota Camry car, with registration number, AWK 831 TK, belonging to a woman who identified herself as Salvation Nwobi from Enugwu-Ukwu, recorded no death, but caused stir to passers-by, with the car running over the drainage and hitting National Light’s fence, pulling down a portion.

Narrating the cause of the accident, the vehicle owner and driver, Nwobi, said that the brake system of the car failed and she lost control.

“I applied the break but the car continued its acceleration. I lost control of the vehicle in the process. It could have been worse but God saved me. I thank God it ended at this point. It is an accident.” Nwobi said.

With the assistance of people gathered at the scene of the accident, Nwobi’s car was pulled out from the spot.

Efforts of National Light security personnel to get Nwobi’s undertaking following the damage caused by the accident to the organisation’s property initially met the woman’s resistance as she insisted it should be taken as an accident.

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