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Avian flu spreads in Niger State



THE incident of avian flu also known as bird flu which broke out in a poultry farm in Niger State is spreading to more locations.

   A release issued yesterday in Minna by Information Officer of Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Abubakar Kuta, said the farms that recorded incidents are nearby to place where the first infection occurred.

  According to Kuta, these poultry farms have lost birds due to the outbreak of the disease and urged farmers to be vigilant and to report any incident of sudden high mortality of their birds to the ministry.

  He, equally, advised farmers to take precautionary measures that would help government contain the epidemic from spreading to other areas.

  These preventive measures he listed as minimising exchange of egg crates, disinfection of farm and farm tools, maintaining strict farm hygiene, restriction of vehicle movement into their farms and that of people.

  It will be recalled that Avian flu outbreak is causing challenges to global agriculture value chains.

  Only month World Health Organisation (WHO) warned that the risk of human-to-human spread of the H5N8 strain of bird flu appears high after it was identified for the first time worldwide in farmworkers in Russia. But Lagos said earlier it will go on a two-week decontamination of 26 major poultry markets in the state against the resurgence of bird flu.

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