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NIN: Absence of facilities rock Anambra’s registration



… Anambra office not connected to national grid

NATIONAL Light has found the cause to hitches witnessed in registration of the National Identification Number (NIN) in Anambra State. The reason is that there is neither light nor water in the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Office in the state.

  However, the new state coordinator of the commission, Iwuchukwu Philip Okeke, who spoke to our reporter in reaction to the issues pledged to tackle the situation successfully.

  The coordinator, who resumed duty in Anambra on January 8, this year, said he met the situation in the office and is already making necessary moves to get intervention for effective discharge of their duties and ensure that as many ndi Anambra as possible get registered. 

  According to Okeke, “from my resumption in office on the 28, January, 2020, I realised that the NIMC Head Office in Anambra State has not been connected to the national grid. What they have been using there to work is generator which is supposed to be a standby generator but that is what they’re using to work full time. The challenges of buying fuel everyday to make sure that the systems in the enrollment center are working is what I found too challenging.

  “I also resumed to realise that the water system is not working. The only summour that we have there has been removed from where it’s supposed to be. That also has made the office a little bit dirty because you cannot blame the cleaner who is supposed to use water and clean the office to do that with her spit.

  “Light is the only thing our office needs to work with because our office is an ICT technology organisation. What we do there is to power our systems to do enrollment; to register the people. So, whatever we do there uses systems to work; so, where there is no light, I wonder what we can do there. So, the first challenge I face there is having found that the office is not connected to the national grid since it was built in 2012.

  “I’m trying to reach the governor, Dr. Willie Obiano, to see if we can graciously be given  a transformer and then, install it and  step down the light and connect the office to the national grid so that all the systems we have will be working and possibly, connect the water we have so that the office will be neat so that  when applicants come, they will actually appreciate that this is a corporate office where NIMC will register them  comfortably under a conducive atmosphere”.

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