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Awka Scrabble Club seeks National Light’s support for championship



… Inter-state tourney holds Saturday

NATIONAL Light Newspapers has been named the official sponsor of the maiden edition of the Awka Scrabble Championship being organised by the Awka Scrabble Club in collaboration with National Light Newspapers. 

  Speaking ahead of the tournament which will hold by 10am on Saturday, at Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC) premises, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, ANPC, publisher of National Light, Ka O Di Taa and Sportslight Xtra newspapers, Sir Chuka Nnabuife said of all the competitive sports that are popular in Nigeria and most parts of the world, one sport that is directly linked to the work of a newspaper man – reporting, editing and publishing is scrabble.

  According to him, it is a sport that raises wordsmiths. It is also a sport for people who want to be proficient in vocabulary as it improves players’ cognitive ability on the usage of words and composition.

  “For children, it makes them come into the world of writing faster and these are the things we do as journalists, editors and reporters. Our main factory is words; our main venture is writing and our main industry is publishing. All of them are critically within the purview of scrabble.

  “If an agency like ours encourages a venture like scrabble, we are grooming interest of the public in reading, writing, communication and also in a sport but more importantly, we are helping ourselves by also creating our reserve of future journalists.   By doing that, we are trying to create our own raw material. So scrabble comes handy as one venture we should line up behind if we are really serious about creating a public appetite for what we do; a raw material for the industry and our newspaper.”

  Sir Nnabuife added that the organisation is sponsoring the tournament because it also creates interest and is entertaining as a sport and is an opportunity for the society, particularly Anambra State, to raise future hopes in events like National Sports Festival, Olympics and other contests.

  He said it was also a way of bringing the community to the organisation because “a media house is first and foremost, a hub of events where we get our news, get our news figures and make them part of our venture.”

  Representatives of Awka Scrabble Club, Ajuluchukwu Okagbuo and Stanley Abiakam described scrabble as a mind and board game that articulates the thinking of individuals that participate in it. “The human brain is an enigmatic part of the body. If you don’t make use of it, you probably cease to function normally. So what scrabble does is that it articulates your thinking, makes you a different person altogether in administration of thoughts. That split seconds decision is what scrabbles brings.

  “It is a maiden tournament in Awka. We want people to know the values entrenched in playing scrabbles. If youths, kids get involved in scrabbles at an early stage, it will help breach the gap of people having difficulty in mastering English language and even mathematics too because scrabbles has both components of maths and English. When you play to score points on the board, you calculate those points. It is the basic ingredient of learning any child should be introduced to.”

  According to them, players will be coming from different parts of the country. They regretted that Anambra State did not field a scrabble team in the just concluded sports festival. “So, we want to use this as a way of brainstorming on what we do.”

  They further mentioned that of all sports Nigeria is known for; scrabble is the only sport Nigeria maintains the number one position in the world. “We are the number one playing nation in scrabble and our prolificacy in playing scrabble is not by the backing of government or private individuals. This is just the sheer desire of individuals wanting to excel; it is something they love. Before Super Eagles players come for national tournaments, they are sent tickets but here, we are scrambling left and right, seeking sponsorship to host an event where people will come and enjoy what we enjoy to do.”

  The competition, according to the organisers is open to all who are willing to play after paying a registration fee of N2000 for both male and female participants. There will be N50,000 worth of cash prizes to be won.

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