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Doctors’ dance, sing to encourage patients to keep up the fight



AS INDIA struggles with the second wave of COVID-19, healthcare workers disguised as “corona warriors” have helped India survive this pandemic.

  With country reporting 2,73,810 new COVID-19 cases and 1,619 fatalities in the last 24 hours, the continuous steep surge in COVID-19 cases in India is posing a serious challenge for health experts, who are constantly shuffling between the role of a doctor and the trusted buddy of a patient suffering from the novel coronavirus.

A video which shows COVID-19 warriors dancing has gone viral on social media.

In the video, one can see the healthcare staff wearing PPE kits entertaining the patients of COVID-19 and encouraging them to keep up the fight. The patients were seen clapping and cheering for the healthcare workers, while some of them also recorded the video of their performances.

The video was recorded at Parul Sevashram Hospital in Vadodara, Gujarat, which is among the top 10 states which have shown a steep rise in daily cases of COVID-19 according to a recent report of the Union Health Ministry.

Doctors are becoming a tremendous support system of the COVID-19 patients and in order to make them feel good, they can at times be seen singing songs, dancing and trying every means to make the upset patients feel comfortable on social media.

While speaking about their condition, young doctors say that although their work hours have increased and at times they feel low as well, their responsibility at present is huge and they also consider it as their duty to keep the patients happy and energetic.

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