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Cultism: Can our youths lead tomorrow?



IT IS said that, the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, but when the leader loses foresight, how is he able to stand and face tomorrow? Unfortunately, this pitiable situation is what most youths find themselves in.

  The issue of cultism is a cankerworm that is eating up most youths. While most of them walk willingly into it, others find themselves doing it either by the use of force, or by peer influence. Either way, one is considered a threat to the society; hence, the need to curb the menace.

  The history of secret cult could be traced down to the early Egyptian magicians. But the origin of secret cult in Nigeria goes as far back as 1952, when Professor Wole Soyinka, Ralph Opara, among other Yoruba top ranking men led a group of seven students to form the Seadogs Confraternity (a.k.a Pyrate) in the University of Ibadan.

The cult was formed with the purpose of fighting colonialism, elitism and tribalism in Nigeria and to safeguard the dignity of man. They equally engaged in humanitarian services such as: assisting the helpless in the society, giving out of gifts to orphanages, even donating blood to hospitals to save lives. One of the founding fathers of the cult, Muyiwa Awe, recalled that “everything we did then was healthy, firm, harmless and above board”.

  Later in the years, secret cult group grew rapidly and as they multiplied, their activities changed significantly. In 1972, a group of 30, led by Dr. Bolaji Carew broke out of the Pyrate Confraternity and formed the Buccaneer Confraternity. In 1982, the Buccaneer Confraternity became the Buccaneer Association of Nigeria, and was soon followed by the Vikings Confraternity.

Admission of new members into the trio was restricted at their inception, so students who wanted to be part of what they were doing began coming together and ended up forming different cult groups of their own. As different cult groups sprang up, their objectives deviated from that of the founding fathers. And as a spokesman once said, “there were general disenchantment with the activities of the first two cults,… those who once claimed they stood against oppression later resorted to it as a means of subduing their fellow students who were civilians.”

  Unfortunately, these secret cults not only exist in our tertiary institutions, but they are also present among our youths; both in secondary schools, in our streets and in our different institutions. And you hardly find elderly/ older men involved in secret cult activities, except for the ‘retirees in evil’ who death spared to serve as an example to the younger ones. But regardless of that, our youths still troop into secret cults.

One wouldn’t know what triggers them into joining such groups, despite having lots of reasonable groups around the society that teaches good morals and standard behaviour. But one thing is sure and that is that our youths are being brainwashed; so much so that they cannot see beyond the veil; beyond the pictures these cultists and secret cults are painting for them as the benefits of belonging to a cult group. And so, these young ones who see their cult leaders as gods go to any length to please them. They are so drawn to evil that they can kill their own blood at the word of their selfish cult leaders.

  These cult groups go around luring young and innocent persons into their cult groups with enticing lies and appetising promises. And as soon as they fall for their deceitful tongues, they trap them with the believe that once a member, there is no turning back; else they die trying to do so.

So this young ones engage in all manner of evil and atrocious acts like: rape, theft, murder and more, just to please their cult leaders. The painful thing is that majority of these cultists get expelled from school and become school dropouts, yet they don’t seem to be worried about what their future is turning into. Instead, they see it as an opportunity to explore and commit more evil, without restrictions. And daily, our youths are being destroyed by this ill. And it seems like there are no elders in the land.

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