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I will run a viable economy – Okafor



MEMBER, representing Nnewi North at the State House of Assembly, Nonso Smart Okafor has mapped out his administrative blueprint to guide him if elected as the governor of Anambra State.

  The 40-year old Assembly member revealed this while addressing journalists in Awka recently.

  According to him, “I have organised the works I want to do in Anambra State sector by sector in my manifesto, tagged, VISA Economy, an acronym which stands for Viable, Independent, Secured and Advanced Economy. It is an extensively researched innovative solutions, anchored on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

”  It is a deliberate policy that will build a virile and independent economy where opportunities abundant and life is worth living. A transformative and creative governance that can reshape our economy to compete in a digital age.

“Our strength to achieve this lies in the ingenuity, creativity, industry, enterprise and productive population of ndi Anambra. If small countries can achieve good economies that can compete globally, Anambra State should not be different.

“For example, Belgium has a population of 11,492,641 as at 1st January 2020 with a trade volume of 167%. The city of Antwerp is said to be the diamond capital of the world with about 1500 diamond companies and two world largest diamond banks.

“Equatorial Guinea has a population of 1.356 million(2019) with trade volume of 178%. She has been able to harness her resources to build strong economy that makes life meaningful to her citizens. There are much more examples.

“My government will cash upon the human and material resources available in our state to create a globally competitive state through innovative solutions.

“We will sustain our current progress in education by improving on the infrastructures and welfare of teachers and most importantly, enthroning an education of the future through Science and Technology by implementing the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

“I will ensure that our education system is designed to be accessible, affordable and qualitative which can make our upcoming generation fit for global competition.

“Our schools will be equipped and digitalised to focus on technical and practical trainings. Education must be for all no matter anybody’s age, as a result of this, we shall introduce specialised institutes that will train and certify middle-level manpower for our industries.

“No child will be left behind. The education system must be all inclusive to accommodate all shades of learners. I will recruit an army of qualified teachers and enhance their remuneration for them to have the right motivation to groom our future human infrastructures.

“I will take infrastructures central to my government. We must have cities and villages with life lifting amenities. I will embark on massive construction and dualisation of economic roads in the state, and provide the master plan that will end flooding and control erosion in the state.

“I will ensure that local governments invest a huge chunk of their funds in rural roads to open up our communities for economic and social activities.” Okafor explained.

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