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Commercial Aircrafts Land in Anambra Cargo, Passenger Airport



According to the Anambra State Governor,  Dr Willie Obiano, the decision to start the project, taken only  two years to the end of his tenure in office amid economic challenge of the coronavirus pandemic recession was a huge task to engage.

Perhaps, that may have prompted the doubting Thomases not to see the possibility of his completing the project. But even with almost one year  still remaining in his tenure, the project has been done, delivered and yearning for full operations.

SIMILAR to the scenic Singapore International Airport that sprawls into the banks of an ocean, Anambra’s airport sits like a golden nest between five hills and waters. It is built to be  an environmentally friendly marvel in line with Anambra’s unique taste and style. It has a 3.7km runway and a hanger section of about three football fields by two in dimension

ACCORDING to Gov. Obiano, the project benefitted from the services of  seven contractors from around the world; three from South Africa, two from Lebanon and two from Nigeria. The runway, tarmac and apron were constructed by South African contractors; the Lebanese IDC company built the taxi road, while a Nigerian company,  proved its worth in other crucial sections of the project.

Commercial Aircraft landing at Anambra Cargo airport

THE beauty of the facility is in the avoidance of pitfalls that mark such projects in Nigeria. For example, its ability not to retain water in any section of the tarmac after rainfall.  Part of its sense of giving ndi Anambra an airport comparable to world beaters, is a landing space that can take even aircrafts as big as the  Airbus 11 aircraft comfortably in the take-off and landing.  The airport also, has not just a clinic but a well equipped hospital and a trauma centre. Its expansive runway is  capable of taking-in two aircrafts simultaneously for take offs and landing.

 THE  terminal building has three escalators, three lifts, two bridges and 36 shops.   The Government of Anambra State also procured three high quality, state-of-the -art fire trucks that can spray water as far as three miles radius to guard against fire emergencies. Huge and impressive as the project is, a factor that must not be missed is that   all the financial engagements of the contract have been  fully met.

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