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Fathers enjoined to be of illustrious character eschew drunkenness



By David Okpala and Stella Okpala

VICAR, St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Akpo, Rev. Fr. Jude Amatu has enjoined Christian fathers to eschew drunkenness to achieve better children upbringing.

  He made the call while admonishing Christian fathers on this year’s Father’s Day celebration, after Mass, at St. Paul’s Catholic Church ,Akpo, on Sunday.

The cleric said: “the irresponsible act of drunkenness makes a man to abandon his natural responsibility to his family.

“It makes children to disrespect and disregard their fathers who do not contribute anything toward their upbringing. They’ll rather channel all their energies to their mothers, who toil all day in providing for them.

“The implication of this is that these children are brought up singlehandedly by their mothers; this does not ensure balance in the home. The feminine folks are soft. They lack the charisma and boldness to force children out of negative behaviour prevalent in the society,” he observed.

Fr. Amatu sighted example of Eli and Samuel of old, urging fathers to note that God did not speak to Eli’s wife or that of Samuel but to them as fathers.

“If your children fall to drunkenness, drug abuse, robbery and other social vices, you are to blame.You lack moral justification to tell your children not to drink while you stagger about under the influence of alcohol.

“You do not expect your child to reason properly when you beat your wife in his presence repeatedly. It does not make meaning, telling your child not to do things violently when you quarrel and shout under the influence of alcohol within your residence.

“Exhibit high sense of responsibility, pray always with your family, exercise patience with your wife, surely the grace of God shall make your children reasonable,” Fr Amatu said.

“We are fast approaching gubernatorial election of Anambra State. It is coming up on Nov. 6. So, conduct yourself in preparation to the election. Start now to educate your children on dangers of being recruited as thugs by political gladiators; prayerfully tell them how dangerous it is to shed innocent blood.

“It is an act that spells doom throughout one’s life and beyond. Insecurity is on the increase, make sure your children are not part of it.

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