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UK to ease COVID-19 lockdown



UK IS set to announce a further easing of its coronavirus lockdown, joining several European nations in gradually reopening their economies, according to reports from government officials.

Rapid vaccination programs have allowed a number of wealthy nations to start taking steps toward normality, but the virus is still surging in many countries and concerns are growing about global vaccine inequality.

The pandemic has claimed close to 3.3 million lives worldwide and Britain has the highest death toll in Europe, but its successful vaccination program has allowed the authorities to start relaxing curbs.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was due to announce the latest measures – effective May 17 – in a press conference today, including the reopening of indoor seating in pubs and restaurants.

When asked during an interview if hugging would be allowed, Senior Minister Michael Gove said: “Without prejudice to a broader review of social distancing… friendly contact, intimate contact between friends and family is something that we want to see restored.”

Cinemas are also expected to reopen, as well as some large indoor venues after the government held several pilot events – including a rock concert – to test safety measures.

This follows Spain’s lifting of a state of emergency in place since October, allowing people to travel between regions.

“It’s like New Year’s,” said 28-year-old Oriol Corbella in Barcelona, where the end of the curfew was met with shouts, applause and music.

In Germany, people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 were exempt from many restrictions from Sunday after the government passed new legislation.

And Cyprus will today exit a third partial lockdown with a new coronavirus “safety pass” system to allow people to move freely.

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