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Bill prohibiting ransom payment: Chasing shadows – CAN flays Senate



THE Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has taken a swipe at the Senate over a proposed law to prohibit the payment of ransom to kidnappers.

  The Senate during plenary yesterday said the proposed legislation would also recommend a15-year jail term for those who pay the ransom.

  Reacting, CAN said the presidency was chasing shadows rather than looking for ways to tackle the myriads of problem facing the country.

  CAN Vice-Chairman (northern region), Rev. John Hayab, while speaking to the media on the development said the lawmakers were merely grand standing than doing the business of legislation for the country.

  “Our Senators like chasing shadows. Do they think family members derived joy paying bandits? People are only given money to these criminals because the government has failed in the responsibility of protecting them, and it is natural for everyone to show concern about a loved one that is in danger.”

 “Government should first enact laws that make it a serious offense for those in power to fail to protect citizens before making laws to punish people for paying ransom.

The bill only further proves that we are in a banana republic,” the body stated,  adding that the proposed law should instead hold president, governor or a representative accountable to the people by proposing compulsory resignation of any key political office holder in that capacity whose community records kidnapping and banditory incidents for about three times in a month in their constituency.

   “When such serious laws are made, those seeking for offices will know that there is great responsibility associated with holding public office.

  CAN emphasised that the senators who co-sponsored the bill are cashing on populism to feather their nest.

  “They make mockery of us and take a whole country for a ride by turning the lawmaking process into tales by  moonlight,” CAN noted.

  Meanwhile, the Senate President has disclosed that the Senate will not meet in plenary throughout next week.

  Speaking during Wednesday’s plenary, Lawan said that the week would be dedicated to a zonal public hearing on the review of the 1999 Constitution.

  “We shall be devoting the entire week to the constitution review exercise.” Lawan said.

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