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Gunmen’s attacks on INEC, security agencies in S’East in whose interest?



THERE is a curious trend of attacks on security, and law enforcement agents as well as electoral umpires in a new wave of violence in the South East and South South.

  IN THE last one month alone, virtually all five eastern states in the South East Zone have recorded not less than two incidents of attack on police facilities, including vital public institutions like the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)’s offices.  Security personnel from both the military and para-military formations across the region have become instant targets by hoodlums; resulting in deaths of several security officers.

  IN EBONYI State, Police facilities have come under several attacks prompting the state governor, Dave Umahi to declare curfew from 8pm to 6am at all entry and exit points in the state. Restrictions were placed on social events such as wake keep and similar activities. A police station in Abomege in Onicha Local Government Area of the state was on May 2, burnt down. A police officer was killed in the process.

  AS IF that was not enough, another police division at Ugbodo. Ebonyi Local Government Area of the state was torched on Monday, leading to death of two police officers and destruction of the station. This occurred despite the’ collaborative efforts of security agencies in the state to halt the trend.

  IN ENUGU State, the same ugly situation prevails, with a number of police stations, together with Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)’s offices being burnt down by the unidentified gunmen and arsonists whose intentions are not spelt in their actions. Security personnel always turn-out the scape goats in these ungodly attacks as they continue to lose their men to these terror merchants.

  IN ENUGU, Tuesday, early morning attack of  police station located at Iwollo-Oghe in Ezeagu Local Government Area of the state left not less than five persons dead, police personnel inclusive, while INEC office located at Igboeze South Local Government Area equally got burnt down.

  IN IMO, Delta and Rivers States, the narratives are not different. Some police stations, government establishments and security personnel have fallen into the callous hands of these uncanny elements who have sworn to make peace untenable for the populace with their wicked acts.

  RECENTLY, Anambra State, which has largely enjoyed peace has suddenly been drawn into the line of attacks by these faceless elements. At Awkuzu Junction, in Oyi Local Government Area of the state,  hoodlums attacked military checkpoint, killing three naval officers and carting away their arms. To register their determination to overwhelm the society with unmitigated onslaught against any law enforcement agents on sight, a  police station and vigilante office located at Ozubulu were burnt down on May 9, 2021. No casualty was reported in the incident but just two weeks earlier, two cops were gunned down in Anaocha Local Government Area of the state.

  THE same murderous urge took the hoodlums to B’ Division of the Police Headquarters and INEC Office in Awka, on Sunday, where they burnt a section of the police station but were repelled from further carnage by the efforts of the gallant policemen on duty at the station. Some facilities in the  Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) were burnt down on the process.

  IN ALL these attacks, it is so clear that the security personnel remain their primary targets, hinting fact that the security agents are not in the good books of the attackers.

  BEYOND the attacks, it could be deducted from these gunmen’s antics that they want to inflict fears of insecurity on the society.

  ANALYSTS now ask, who or what could be behind these attacks? Projections show that people who could benefit from elections conducted under confusion could be behind these acts.

  EXTENDED calculations show that beneficiaries of election held under this confusion could be the hands behind the scene in the scripts of these unknown gunmen.

Amongst those fingered to make this list include dubious politicians and criminal elements who want security agencies out of the street so they can have a field day in extorting the people, manipulating the outcomes of elections and installing their stooges into elective position.

Disgruntled elements who do not care about the implications of their actions may also be pushing to make people avoid coming out for elections. On the other hand, this may be hatchet-men’s ploy to execute their paymasters’ bids and let them have their way in destabilising the socio-political system.

They want to control the system and win elections at all cost. Whatever they want, it is unfortunate and condemnable because it is easy for one to start a crisis but he may not know where it will end.

  NATIONAL LIGHT believes that if these elements have any regards for the good of society they wish to rule, they should retrace their steps and ensure peace reigns for the sake of the people.

  MANY innocent lives have been lost or terribly affected, even when they (victims) are not party to the crisis or degeneration of Nigeria’s society.

  WE URGE those festering chaos to think about the welfare and safety of the people as no power derived through bloodbath is worth it, because vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.

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