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Group canvass Constituent Assembly Commission



YORUBA Council of Elders (YCE) has called for a bill seeking the creation of Constituent Assembly Commission that will chart and direct the way forward for stakeholders in the Nigerian project, propose and write a new constitution for Nigerians.

  The YCE made this known in Ibadan, on Thursday, during a meeting convened to review the state of the nation, deteriorating security situation, increasing agitation for self determination by various ethnic groups amidst worsening ethnic distrust.

According to the group, the document will be placed before Nigerians in a referendum so as to halt further amendment of the present constitution by the National Assembly.

  Reading the communiqué to journalists after the meeting, the President of Yoruba Council of Elders, Justice Ademola Bakre said that the group is also calling for the rewriting of the federal constitution, noting that Nigerians were not part of the amendment 1999 Constitution. The Council of Elders opined that the 1999 Constitution be withdrawn and replaced with a People’s Federal Constitution.

  YCE noted that the various ethnic groups that make up Nigeria  were created differently by God with different history, culture, beliefs, noting that the coalition of the ethnic groups were not consulted before the colonialists forced them into the Nigerian Union.

Justice Bakre in the communiqué observed that the various indices of human development index in the country have continued to deteriorate since 2015.

  “The number of out of school children increased from 10million in 2011 to 14million in 2020, poverty level increased from 40 per cent to 55 in 2020, Insecurity, kidnapping spread from North East, North West, in 2014, to all zones in Nigeria in 2020. Infant and Maternal mortality follow the same trend and herdsmen became more brazen and lawless since 2015,” the group noted.

  The YCE supported the resolution of the Asaba Declaration of the Southern Governors; however, the Council of Elders believes that mere dialogue cannot save the situation.

In the communiqué, the Yoruba Council of Elders identified absence of social justice in the country as bane of instability.

  “The government is too far from the people. The powers are in the hand of the executive. The President sees the National Assembly as an appendage of his office,” the group stated.

  YCE expressed displeasure that the President Buhari administration has remained very insensitive to the challenges confronting the country and the sufferings of the people, saying that the President should address Nigerians on situation of the country.

  In the communiqué, the group appealed to Nigerians most especially the socio-cultural groups, elders and youth to remain calm and desist from issuing inflammatory statements.

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