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Nigeria recorded about N4t trade deficit in Q1 – NBS



NIGERIA recorded N3.94 trillion trade deficits in the first three months of 2021, according to a report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

  This implies a negative balance of trade as the economy is still import-driven and depends largely on exports of petroleum and some agricultural products to meet foreign exchange earnings.

  Last year, the country recorded its first annual trade deficit in four years as imports exceeded exports by N7.37 trillion.

  In its report: “Foreign Trade in Goods Statistics (Q1 2021),” the NBS said the country’s total merchandise trade stood at N9.76 trillion, an increase of 6.99 per cent over the value recorded in Q4, 2020 and 14.13 percent compared to Q1, 2020.

  According to the report,  Asia, led by China, dominated the foreign trade in Q1. The region’s importation dominated foreign importation to the country with a record of N3.3 trillion, representing 48.45 per cent.

  Asia is followed by Europe with N2.4 trillion, representing 36.08 per cent, America N827.8 billion (12.08 per cent), while imports from Africa nations stood at N183.4billion (2.68 per cent), and Oceania N48.5billion (0.71 per cent).

  A further breakdown shows that most imported goods into the country in Q1 2021 were from China.  

  These goods were valued at over N2 trillion, or 29.34 percent. The country was followed by the Netherlands (N726.09 billion or 10.60 per cent) and the United States (N608.12 or 8.88 per cent).

  According to the report, out of the value recorded for Africa, import from ECOWAS countries accounted for only N20.8 billion.

  “The export component of the trade stood at N2.9 trillion, representing 29.79 percent of the total trade while import was valued at N6.9 trillion, representing 70.21 per cent. The higher level of imports over exports resulted in a trade deficit (in goods) of -N3.9 trillion. The value of crude oil export stood at N1.9 trillion representing 66.38 percent of the total export recorded in Q1, 2021, while non –crude oil export accounted for 33.62 percent of the total export,” the report stated.

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