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Nigeria needs philosopher kings as leaders – Okechukwu



AS THE Nigerian nation faces its worst political challenges since independence, a concerned legal expert from Ifite Awka, Emmanuel Okechukwu junior has called for a kind of leadership that matches Nigeria’s rating as the giant of Africa.

Touched by the unprecedented high level of killings, banditry, brigandage and corruption facing the country in recent times, the legal expert called for the enthronement of philosopher kings as leaders to salvage the nation’s battered image.

 According to the legal luminary, Nigeria needs sacrificial leaders who are ready to stake their lives for the nation without minding whose ox is gored or leaders whose philosophy is people oriented and detribalised.

 For the nation to move forward, he suggested an amalgam of 12 selected wise men drawn from the ruling party, APC and the Peoples’ Democratic Party(PDP), representing the opposition parties to brainstorm on reviewing the nation’s past national sovereign conferences with a view to adopting the provisions that favour national cohesion while jettisoning provisions that are not tenable.

He regretted that the youths of this country are being denied the vast potentials that the nation possesses.

He further commended Governor Willie Obiano for immortalising his name through the building of the Anambra International Cargo and Passengers Airport.

Okechukwu recommended that Anambra State should adopt APGA as an Igbo party and solid political bloc to reach out to other political parties for strong political considerations with other political parties and ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

He insisted that the present APGA party must imbibe the true spirit of being their brothers keepers like the UPGA party of old to supplant their political opponents.

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