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Two doses of COVID-19 vaccine seems to protect against Delta variant – EA



TWO doses of Covid vaccine seem to provide protection against the rapidly spreading Delta variant of the coronavirus said the European Medicines Agency.

The EMA also said that ramping up the vaccination process especially for the vulnerable and elderly people remained an essential tool against the spread of the virus.

“The first data from real world evidence are showing that two doses of vaccines are protective against the Delta variant. And also, data are showing that antibodies from the approved vaccines are able to neutralise the Delta variant too. So, this data is reassuring,” said Marco Cavaleri, head of the EMA’s biological hazards and vaccine strategy.

“We are aware of the concerns that are caused by the rapid spread of the Delta variant and other variants. Right now, it seems that for the four vaccines that are approved in the European Union they seem to be protecting against all the strains that are circulating in Europe including the Delta variant,” Dr Cavalari further said during a press briefing by the regulator on Thursday.

Currently, the vaccines developed by Pfizer – BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson have been approved in the bloc for immunisation against Covid-19.

The EMA’s assessment came following the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) warning that Covid-19 infections have increased by 10% in the WHO region.

“There will be a new wave in the WHO European region unless we remain disciplined,” news agency AFP quoted director of WHO, European region, Hans Kluge as saying on Thursday. He also said that the increase in cases was “driven by increased mixing, travel, gatherings and easing of social restrictions.”

However, the EMA stressed that vaccination and public health measures remained the most important tools in the fight against the pandemic. “Expediting vaccination and maintaining public health measures remain very important tools to fight the pandemic. In particular, making sure the vulnerable and elderly people complete their vaccination is paramount to limit the consequences of the further spread of the Delta variant later in the year,” Dr Cavalari said.

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