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COVID-19 vaccines contain no magnets – Virologist



A RENOWNED professor of virology and former Vice-Chancellor at Redeemer’s University of Nigeria, Ede, Osun State, Oyewale Tomori has rebutted claims of COVID-19 vaccines containing metals that make recipients magnetic at the site of injection.

  Reacting to a series of viral videos claiming to show magnets attracted to the arms of alleged vaccine recipients, Prof. Tomori said the claim was false.

  Speaking with the media, he said the claims in the viral videos was not true.

  “It is not true. It is not possible that COVID-19 vaccines cause the body to be magnetic. There is no science behind it. It is fake false and fraud,” Tomori noted.

  Explaining further, the virologist said “the amount of vaccine you get is just about 0.5mL. I don’t know how much metallic can be inside that will be able to hold a magnet or a metal.

  “Remember that when you get that vaccine, your body absorbs it and distributes throughout the entire body, it’s not as if it is remaining at the point of inoculation. Therefore, if they say there is metal there if that thing is going all over your body, then your whole body should be magnetic.

  “And if you look at the thing they show, they are actually using things that have no magnetic property. A silver spoon cannot be magnetised; so you find some people using keys, coins, and all sorts.

  “Nobody knows what they did with their bodies before they came up. So, what did those people do with their bodies before they showed us the film? What did they rub on their body? Nobody knows.”

  He, however, urged people not to get unnecessarily paranoid about COVID-19 vaccines.

  “Ordinary sweat on your body can attach a coin and you will have it there. So, don’t ever believe what people are showing and I think it’s very selfish of them. They have received the vaccination and they are trying to dissuade people from it; I think they are not only selfish, but they are also wicked, and please, don’t listen to such people,” Tomori said.

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