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Buffaloes go berserk, gulp farmers’ contraband liquor



THREE Indian farmers in western state of Gujarat have been arrested for selling illegal alcohol after their own buffaloes got drunk on the hooch.

  Local police official, Dilipsinh Baldev, said one of the men called a vet after their buffaloes started to “act strangely and their mouths started frothing.”

  The vet then inspected the water trough that the animals had been drinking from and “observed a strange smell and found the water to be coloured.”

  This, it turned out, was because the men had hidden bottles of moonshine in the trough and some of them had broken, contaminating the water.

  The vet then informed the police, who raided the farm and recovered 100 bottles of alcohol worth 32,000 rupees ($400).

  The three farmers were arrested.

  It will be recalled that making, buying, selling or transporting alcohol is outlawed, punishable by hefty fines and even prison sentences in Gujarat.

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