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National Light fetes Editor, Oranye at 50



IT was fun at Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC)’s Editorial Department as the  Editor, Rose Oranye marked her 50th birthday anniversary yesterday.

  The occasion which brought together many personnel from different departments in the establishment drew a flurry of encomiums on the excellent lifestyle of the dutiful, silent achiever and mother, whose warm relationship with others and attitude to work have distinguished her as a model to society.

  Speaking during the event, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ANPC, Sir, Chuka Nnabife, glowingly extolled Mrs  Oranye for her commitment to duty and resilience in pursuit of excellence.

  ‘We do not do this work in a friendly way, for we are already friends. We push, we shove, we nag and at times, get close to fisticuffs, but in the end, we come out with the best result. That is how the newsroom situation is traditionally modeled and I am glad we are utilising it to give our audience what they desire of us,” Nnabuife stated.

  He recounted how he worked under a friend who was his editor in Guardian but despite their personal relationship, their newsroom affair was entirely a different scenario that eventually shaped his (Nnabuife) rise to the heights in journalism and capacity to adapt to whatever twists the profession can throw up in the course of his career.

  “I have trained you in the same way for the past seven years. I hope you will pass that to those under your authourity, except you choose otherwise. I am sure you would wish to hand the best as a legacy to your subordinates, therefore, would not hesitate to drill them as I have done to you.”

 “As you turn 50 years today, I can only say welcome to the world of wisdom.” He added that the National Light Editor’s inputs to the organisation are unquantifiable and can only be replicated by savvy editors in her mould.

  Sir Nnabuife narrated how he worked as editor in places far away from his familiar environ, yet, he survived the challenges that arose with the position.

  He charged all the workers to be resilient in their duties as challenges lie ahead.

  “This is a time for us to celebrate your goodness. I am expecting more from you as you turn 50 years,” Nnabuife admonished.

  Proposing a toast for  the celebrant, prolific writer and celebrated author, Uzo Maxim Uzoatu urged the Nimo born Editor, Mrs Oranye to continue in her strides and sustain the height National Light newspapers have attained under the present headship of Sir, Nnabuife.

  In her words of appreciation, Oranye said, “I am overwhelmed with joy. The show of love, solidarity and affection has been awesome. Golden Jubilee is a special birthday and I will forever remember this day for all that you made it to be.”

  She narrated when she began to have the idea of death very early in her life, making her apprehensive of ever getting to 30 years, but glad, she is celebrating her 50th year of life.

  Highlights of the event were presentation of poem titled, ‘That Ogbaru Woman,’ by Izunna Okafor; speeches from Amara Eze and Kingsley Ugwu, as well as presentation of gift to the celebrant by members of the Editorial Department.

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