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Medic urges unbiased protection against COVID-19 infections



A CONSULTANT Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, and former Chairman, Anambra State Nigerian Medical Association, Obi Nwosu, has urged the citizenry to take full precautionary measures to prevent themselves from contracting the COVID-19 viral infections.

  Prof. Nwosu in a press statement noted that observing strictly all the COVID-19 protocols is better than taking the vaccines against the viral infections.

  The medical expert noted that observing COVID-19 protocols such as wearing of facemasks, regular hand washing with recommended sanitisers, maintaining social distancing, etc is very cheap. Besides, he recommended that people should take advantage of the approved vaccines against the viral disease to get vaccinated.

  Prof. Nwosu listed some advantages of taking the vaccines to include prevention against contracting the virus, and the lifesaving support it offers to people categorised as the vulnerable, health care givers, elderly persons and people who travel a lot.

  Prof. Nwosu debunked the rumors trending in the social media that all who take the vaccines are destined to die within two years of receiving the injections.

  He noted that he is not aware of any vaccine that will occasion reactions or side effects within two years and not immediately.

  The medical expert argued that if somebody is going to die within two years for having the vaccines or going to die maybe in less than one month for contracting the virus, which one is better?

  He regretted that in Africa, three hydra headed factors namely, the disease itself, poverty and ignorance play major complementary roles in undermining the health status of individuals.

  According to Prof. Nwosu, the health sector has not done enough to disseminate information that the COVID-19 is not an occultic propelled disease but a scientifically proven reality.

  In the case of poverty, he noted that the government out of poverty cannot purchase the vaccines but is rather leveraging on what the donor agencies give to countries in Africa.

  Politically, Prof. Nwosu regretted that some followers in less developed countries are worse than their leaders thereby making their socio- economic survival impossible.

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