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He makes fashion statements on Igbo culture, eloquent – Udeze



Dr. Nkechi Udeze, Director, Anambra State e- Library Board spoke to CHINWENDU UZOATU

YOU are a passionate promoter of Igbo culture and tradition judging from some of the cultural events you have organised or participated in. As a cultural activist who has been in this state since the last seven years of Obiano’s administration, what can you tell us about cultural promotion under Governor Obiano?

  Governor Obiano created a different sector just to foresee the culture of the state. He made this sector to pave way for smooth running of its affairs. He made it a rule for students to display their cultural attires every Wednesday in their different schools. This promotes the Igbo culture among them and helps the students obey rules and regulations. This plays a huge role on the adults and acts as a reminder to them when they see the children to promote culture. The governor makes different fashion statements in appraisal of the Igbo culture. He dances Igbo songs and the children will always look up to him and emulate him.

  What are your wishes to Governor Obiano as he marks his last birthday as a governor?

  I am wishing him a long fulfilled life in good health. I pray to God to bless him with the wisdom to continue his good works.

  Your advice to his incoming successor with regards to promotion of culture and traditions of ndi  Igbo?

  I pray God strengthens him to keep promoting the Igbo language. Culture is the people’s way of life, if it dies, nobody can know us. He has to think of ways to keep promoting the culture. He has to protect and continue the existing ones and adopt new ones too.

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