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BBN Wildcard wahala resolved



 THE sixth edition of the Big brother Naija show had its first eviction show on Sunday,  August 1, 2021.

 The show, which commenced on Sunday, July 25, 2021, came with an unusual twist this time around, as Big Brother announced the presence of two wildcards among the 22 housemates. The housemates were asked to guess and nominate two people who they thought were the wildcards. This task has had everyone in the house playing detective as they tried to figure out who the wildcards could be.

  The wildcards of course knew themselves and equally had the task of pretending not to know about it and to drive suspicions away from themselves. The wildcards, Pere and Maria, played a great game as the housemates were not able to figure them out all through the week. They were able to successfully clear all suspicions away from their direction. Their manipulative skills, especially that of Pere, worked very well as the housemates decided that the wildcards were Jay Paul and Liquorose.

Peace, who is the head of house for the week was given special voting rights and was allowed to vote last, during the eviction show. She also voted Liquorose and Jay Paul.

  Big brother called out the results of their vote and Liquorose and Jaypaul were asked to stand as they had the highest votes. He said that if the housemates were right about them being the wildcards, then, they would face immediate eviction from the house, but if their votes were wrong, then, the actual wildcards have a nomination edge at the nomination show on Monday.

The shock on the faces of the housemates when the actual wildcards were asked to stand was priceless. Peace was almost so sure that they had nominated the right persons and could not hide her shock. “Pere was my first choice initially, but him use trust commot am for my eye”, Saga stated still not able to recover from his shock.

  Pere, when asked how he was able to cope answered, ” it was not easy but I had to be very manipulative. I’m sorry guys but I had to play the game well”.

Liqourose also stated that she was not surprised that the housemates voted her as the wildcard because of the amount of her followers even before coming into the house. The show ended with Ebuka telling the housemates that he was not feeling the vibe they had all promised to be bringing into the house, making reference to the house party on Saturday.

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