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Morning downpour renders many homeless in Makurdi



THOUSANDS of residents in Makurdi, Benue State have been rendered homeless following a heavy rainfall which started early hours of today.

  The torrential downpour which was accompanied by heavy wind left many parts of Makurdi in tatters and caused damage to several buildings, property and farmlands in the state capital.

  At the time of this report, areas such as Judges Quarters, Wurukum Market, Kutcha Utebe, Naka Road, Idyer Village, Agber Village, Wadata Rice Mill, Angwan Jukun among others were flooded.

  A resident, Joseph Wantu, said “In Idyer village along Zone 4 Police Headquarters, Makurdi, the heavy down pour started about 12.45 am. The settlement is heavily flooded. Water has submerged the major drainage and homes flooded. The rain is still falling and I cannot drive out.”

  Another resident, Henry Iyorkase, said the rain started at about 1am accompanied severe winds which wreaked havoc by blowing off roof tops of many households in his area.

  Although no life has been reported lost to the heavy downpour which had continued nonstop for over 12 hours now, some residential buildings, schools and business areas have been affected by the flood.

  The rainfall has also left thousands of families homeless with attendant loss of property.

  It would be recalled that the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) had in July this year, predicted of likely flood in several states including Benue throughout this year’s rainy season.

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