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Umahi laments plunge of vehicle into abandoned mining pit in Ebonyi



GOVERNOR of Ebonyi State David Umahi and his deputy, Kelechi Igwe, have visited the scene of an accident that occurred along Abakaliki – Ikwo Road, where an unidentified vehicle loaded with passengers veered off the road and plunged into a mining  pit.

  Governor Umahi described the incident as “very terrible and unfortunate”.

  Meanwhile, the governor has directed those working with divers, stakeholders of the community, and security agents to make sure that the said vehicle with its occupants is recovered from the pit.

  However, it will be recalled that an eyewitness, Akachukwu Offia, a lecturer at AEFUNAI, said no help was forthcoming from the company which owns the mining pit despite appeals from him and other commuters.

  He said: “A vehicle fell into a pit. Driving from Abakaliki a little distance away from a mining company some minutes ago, I observed a white car driving along the same direction.

  “And suddenly, the car fell into one of the mining pits full of water and just very close to the road. It was like a dream to me while I followed the car a little distance away from behind.

  “I quickly stopped other vehicles from both sides to observe the true position of the accident and while we observed more closely, we noticed the waves rippling the water due to the impact of the vehicle but could not sight the car or the passengers.

  “I quickly rushed with another private car owner to the mining company to report the accident and seek for urgent rescue but they could not render any immediate help.” he said

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